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Chisel, chisel, chip away. Making art with joy and play! With hammer strong and steady hand, we bring our dreams to this big land!
— Kids chipping chorus

Long Lasting Street Art

Each summer, the children of Thorgea, either in groups or together with their parents wander towards the Thorgean mine entrances, chisel in hand, to grace the stone walls with new artwork.

The Arts and Crafts brought by Liberation

Chipping was first introduced into the Thorgean Culture after the Liberation from the Dryskhell Family 1104 AAP. When the queendom of Thorgea was freed from its tyrannical shackles, and turned into the country it is now, lots of traditions outside the Thorgean borders were discovered and adapted. One of these traditions, the street chalk the human children used in their spare time to draw in the very floor they walked on was fascinating to the Thorgean younglings. A few years went by, and the adapted version, the Chipping, was invented and became one of the most popular past times for kids.

They draw... a lot

Every day when walking past or into the mines, there is always at least one group per entrance, ornamenting it with their bizarre, simple, abstract, and sometimes even beautiful chiselwork. THe miners definitely don't mind the view, as they get to work every day greeted by a new set of flowers, suns, swords or shield. Some even take their breaks at the entrance to look through new artwork.

A yearly Family Tradition

Once a year, some, often traditional families will take their children to one such mine, and chip with them. During the chipping, they tell tales about the older days, the history, the hardships and the oppression suffered by the people, in a more lighthearted yet advisory manner. One you only really grasp once you're older. The bonding time during the annual Chipping is often described by the parents as almost magical, a true bonding experience.
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Why we come here each year? Mainly to have fun, and maybe learn along the way!
— A father to some curious kids
Chipping Dwarf

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With the gears of the mind turning everlong, see what they produce in times old and new alike! Ignotas, Where Fog Turns Into Steam