The Three Superpowers of Cathedris

Artazia, Hansun, and Russin. Summer Camp 2020 scope!

Take a peek behind the world's curtains to see the inner workings of Cathedris. Look here to see plans, machinations, ideas, and more! What is contained within this article is not necessarily canon, but pre-canon, and subject to change.
— Stormbril
Worldwide culture and technology is pushed forward by three distinct nations within Cathedris. Located on the continent of Vir Tenera is Hansun, one of the two leading military powers of Cathedris. The second is Artazia, located on the northern portion of the continent Volsinki. The third "superpower" of Cathedris is the cultural superpower of Russin. The art, music, and ideas that come from Russin (particularly the capital, The Coastal City-state of Russin) influence people all across Cathedris.


Hansun Highlands.png
by Z S



Quick Look Stats


Continent Vir Tenera
Superpower Type Military/Economic Superpower
Climate Moderate, heavy rain seasons
Geography Highlands, plains, coastal mountains
Politics conservative, Oligarchy


Continent Volsinki
Superpower Type Military Superpower
Climate cold, dry, high wind speeds
Geography Mountainous, large barren regions
Politics centrist, Authoritarianism


Continent Russin
Superpower Type Cultural Superpower
Climate Moderate winter, hot summer, mild rain
Geography many rivers, coastal mountains, large lakes
Politics liberal, democracy



    • Founders of the Legion, the world-wide military force trained to combat Rendlings
    • Legion headquarters are found within Hansun
    • Has had a strong military force, used it to take over their neighboring country years ago
    • Strong respect for elders within Hansun, they are looked to for advice in all things
    • One massive lake in the middle of the country, surrounded flat land and coastal mountains
    • Sparse few rivers feed into and out of the lake, country is fairly dry when not during rain season
    • Heavy rain seasons feed the rivers and lake
    • East of the lake, where Miyu is located, is the Hansun Highlands -- many large flat topped, sweeping mountains in this region.

    • Home to many small mammals, birds, and reptiles that roam the flat, dry areas
    • Mountains contain larger fauna
    • Shrubs, grass, weeds common across the entire country. Trees are mostly found near the lake, or far west.
    • High count of Rendling infestations, due to the proximity of Dimiti

Miyu, located in eastern Hansun, near the Highlands.

Miyu - profile.png


    • Country almost always in some form of military conflict with the coalition of Ezlya/Ezwya/Ezcor
    • Pushes the borders, and boundry of what's acceptable in military conflict
    • Country was hard to survive in, so people are historically very close-knit, and protective
    • Very mountainous and cold
    • In the shoulder seasons, very strong winds rip through the mountains
    • Valleys are rocky, full of ice-cold glacier water
    • Majority of it's population live within 5 main cities, all grouped near the center of the country
    • Considers Varzen to be a part of Artazia, though Varzen officially is known as a separate country

    • Short evergreen trees common on the mountains, where sheltered from wind
    • Short hardy grass on lower elevations when less cold
    • Very large hibernating animals live in Artazia -- big enough to defend themselves against Rendlings
    • High concentration of Rendlings around Avartarian
Avartarian, walks an angry loop in the northern valleys of Artazia.


    • Some of the longest recorded history within Cathedris
    • Very strong sense of culture, has been invaded multiple times but never had their culture erased
    • Close ties to Abrador, Point Apae, Estana and Falaradun, meaning Russin has many allies
    • Moderate seasons -- snow only on mountaintops in winter, with hot summers
    • Much of the landscape is semi-desert mountainous, with rivers fed by melting mountaintop snow
    • Massive central lake sheltered by the coastal mountains around
    • Capital city of Russin is home to 50% of the entire countries population, the rest live scattered evenly across the rest of the country
    • Moderately sized mammals and birds call the wilderness of Russin home
    • City of Russin has a large amount of vermin feeding off the cities underbelly, including Scaetthen
    • Ocean-dwelling Rendlings occasionally strike Russin's west coast, originating from Artazia
    • Lush grass found on rivershores and lakesides. Slopes of the mountains contains dense forests
Sharenskus, trudges a slow loop in the shallow oceans surrounding Russin.

Sharenskus - Profile (Outlined).png


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29 Jun, 2020 15:44

Saw this on the World Anvil Twitch stream and had to come find it. Really like how you framed out your themes and environments for the three target regions. This is a helpful example for me as I get ready for Summer Camp 2020!

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Thanks Orlon, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for taking the time to come find and comment here! ♥   I'm glad it can serve as an example, I really look forward to seeing what you do during summer camp!

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