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Orders from the King

"Lady Victoria, did you see the message from the King?"
-"Yes Alderman Patrick , I've seen it."
"Your father wouldn't like it if you sat in his chair with your feet on his desk."
-"My father isn't here, and he left me in charge, so I will tell myself to take my feet off my desk, thank you."
"What are you going to do about the message from the King?"
-"Exactly what the king asks."
"But your father and six thousand of our farmers and towns man are already marching off, so you're going to ask them to turn back?"
"But the orders say everyone to stay home."
-"It says, From now on to keep everyone home. Alderman. Read all the words. So no, I'm not going to send a message after my father to ask him to turn around. I assume that, how does the king say it? ALL LORDS AND LADIES. Will have gotten this message, so if my father passes trough what ever town he's passing, he will hear about it."
"But we might get in trouble with this, my lady."
-"Patrick, what are the gossips about the war in Icereach? Are we winning?"
".. no .. The stories are not good. Not good at all."
-"Exactly, so I am going to let my father and my brother do whatever they want to do, with the people who volunteerd to go with them. If they reach the front, maybe they can help, maybe they'll be sent back. They'll see when they get there. I'm not going to ask them to come back."
"In other news, the farmers say it's going to be a good harvest this year."
-"Nice. Please spread the gossip that the castle will buy it for a better price than on the market. We need to fill our stores and stockpile as much as possible."
Decree, Royal

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