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The Weeping Woman of Dun Dierdiere Bog

Another of the leaked documents that surfaced in the year of 161 PR detailed an investigation into the recurring tales of the Weeping Woman, a strange spirit or omen believed to inhabit the swamplands of Dunn Dierdiere Bog . Airtam herself with a small group of attending scientists and Wraith Guard officers visited the location where they discovered far more than they ever expected. In a letter to a colleague at The University of the Lighted Way she expressed both her academic curiosity as well as what she believed was her duty to uncover more details on these sightings.    
My Dear Professor,   I have always been insatiably curious of the tales spun by the those that live in the more remote locations of the world. As a firm believer that there remains a splinter of fact in every fiction, I find it not only a personal motivation, but a solemn duty to seek out and uncover as much of the truth behind such things as possible. As I studied the strange creature that we captured, another of the Somnambuli, I could not help but marvel over the abject beauty of what those poor people once were, this rare and surreal chance to look back through the boundless years that have passed since so much devastation was visited upon them. These reflections brought my attentions to several reports that had crossed my desk concerning a scattered settlement of Seanachaisian refugees in the Tindall Wetlands, now colloquially referred to as the Dun Dierdiere Bog. While I am content to let these poor souls live their lives in peace, what caught my attention was not that they had settled there, but the strange reports as to why the rest of the Empire seems to avoid the location.   There have been several accounts of sightings of a woman at the edge of the swamplands that has been dubbed the "Weeping Woman" or the "Sister of Sorrows". While the title of this creature, whatever she may be seems innocuous enough, the belief that to see her invokes foul fortune upon those that are unlucky enough to cross her path seems to be powerful enough to reroute trade and cause military movements enough discomfort that they actively seek alternate paths through the territory should they have an engagement or drill near the location. This strong a belief in unsubstantiated phenomena cannot lack some sort of tangible substance, and I feel it should not be ignored. Much like the Somnambuli, this entity or creature seems to be tied to the Seanachaisians, and perhaps by better understanding the nature of this cryptid I can better understand the evolving nature of those people as well. We will never bridge this divide if we don't try, and it is through understanding that we gain familiarity!   To this end I will gather a small, inobtrusive team and sojourn into the marshlands to seek answers, and hopefully we can do so without incident or more importantly, without disrupting the settlements that are hidden within. As you well know, we cannot afford any negative incidents that might draw undue attentions to our work, but I will be sure to share and go over my findings with you upon my return.   Yours,   Airtam


In an attempt to further understand the evolving nature of the Seanachaisians, and to get to the truth of the nature of the stories of the Weeping Woman of Dun Dierdiere Bog, Airtam journeyed into the former Tindall Wetlands to seek answers.

Document Structure

Publication Status

As part of the leaked Morenthall publications following her death, these writings are generally easy to find.
Leaked Original
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
33rd of Vigor 144 PR to the 37th of Vigor 144 PR


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