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Second War of the Roses

The Conflict


Lord Winterborne and Lord Eastburn have been vying for power from the sidelines for years. Their titles are honorary but they take great pride in them. Unknown to any House Darkmore (every King and Queen for the last three hundred years has been from this house) has been amassing wealth. They've also been politicing and scheming from the shadows.   At this point in time, the Commonwealth of Edria has been under a parlimentary government for quite some time with the King of Edria and Queen of Edria being figureheads. As the people have pretty much stopped looking to them, they have been able to amass the money they need and start gaining support for a coup.   The prelude to this is that the current leader of the government died under mysterious circimstances. Doctors say that it could have been a simple heart attack but there were traces of poison in his blood. Lord Winterborne and Lord Eastburn point fingers at each other. They both have their supporters in the government and among the people. Both want to be the next leader but neither can get enough votes.   On the otherside the leader's family wants justice and throw their support in with House Darkmore. With the parlimentary government split and calls for justice coming from the people including those supporting the Lords, war breaks out.


House Darkemore easily deployed attack drones and few soldiers at the beginning. As things dragged on they brought in more troops and bigger guns.   Lord Winterborne and Lord Eastburn were very charming. Commonwealth of Edria split in half to side with them. Troop movements were controlled by them.


This is mostly an urban war. It is a mix between idealogy and open combat on the streets. There are a few battles on the fields but not many.


Urban conditions for the most part with some open fields as well. There was a lot of fear among the regular population.

The Engagement

There were a few protracted battles on open fields outside the cities. Most of the engagements were quick, decisive raids in the city, by drones, snipers, and small units of soldiers.


This war led to the people being afraid, especially during the war. Even one was worried about nobles after that. House Darkmore promised that the people were always going to have a say.


The people (grateful the war was over) accepted House Darkmore's rule and accepted the caste system back. Though House Darkmore did easy this on them so that there wasn't a revolt.

Historical Significance


Ten years after the war ended, House Darkmore rewarded his top supporters with titles and lands, fully completing the caste system.   This system (a remergence of what once was) is still in place 800 years later and the Crown is still ruling strong.

In Literature

There are history books about the war. There are movies that recreate the battles and a few songs about all the heroics.

Technological Advancement

Attack drones and other military technology was improved. Medicine made advancements as well. After the war, all sectors were able to make improvements based off military advancement.
Conflict Type
Civil War
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1 Aurora 2195 IE
Ending Date
30 Solaris 2200 IE
Conflict Result
House Darkmore won and reinstated the monarchy as the lawful government.


Eastburn Freedom

Led by


Lord Eastburn is a charming and intelligent leader who had commanded some very effective battles against Lord Winterborne and House Darkmore. Strength lies in what military they have and the people's unwavering faith in what Lord Eastburn tells them.


They took the most losses. By the end of the war they'd lost all of the soldiers that were on their side. They also lost much of the technology they had with them or were made by them during the war.


People have rallied to Lord Eastburn because they believe he'll bring them the freedom they want, such as having more liberties and less taxes. He's made them believe that Lord Winterborne will be a dictator. As far as they're concerned the fight against House Darkmore is just one for survival.
Winterborne Chillers

Led by


The other half of the soldiers are in this group. Led by Lord Winterborne, another charasimatic man, they have swayed many scientists and inventors to their side. These scientists and inventors provided the best military technology and some nasty biological weapons.


They lost most of the soldiers with them and many of the scientists. They took the second highest in casualties and near the end they lost Lord Winterborne.


They want Lord Winterborne to be in charge. They believe that only he can protect the people properly, keep them and the darkness (aka foreigners) away from them.
Darkmore's Loyalty

Led by


The strength has lay hidden for some time. House Darkmore has amassed a greath wealth. With this wealth it was able to higher several mercenary groups as well as raise a standing army to fight for them. They also have several scientist and inventors in their employ, but unlike Lord Winterborne, they haven't developed biological weapons. Though they are superior in their technology, especially those tailored for warfare.


They took the least amount of casualties because while they had civilian supporters, they didn't participate in the war. They also had safeguards against the biological weapons of Lord Eastburn.


House Darkmore wants to have their role as King of Edria and Queen of Edria to mean something again. They want to rule the Commonwealth of Edria as they feel it is their right to do so as descendents of Kings and Queens. Their goal is to reclaim the power and put the caste system back into place.

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