Ghost Ship


Ships have the same ethereal look that Ghosts have. Some are seen as whole, while others as seen with tattered sails and damage to the ship.   They hold a tenuous space between Caelum Prime and Harmony Veil which is why they aren't always seen.


Can be seen alll over Caelum Prime but it's said that Whispering Port is the birthplace of ghost ships.
Metaphysical, Astral
Ghost ships are made when food supplies and the ship itself has been touched by Ghosts. This causes the food to become contaminated and the ship to begin to cross over.
  Once the food is eaten, the crew get sick withe delusions, babbling and eventually death. Depending on how violent the death, and if the ship sinks, will depend on if the person becomes a skeleton or a Ghost.

Cover image: by Lady Wynter


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