First War of the Roses

The Conflict


The seeds of conflict were sown in the political landscape of Edria as two noble houses, House Veridin and House Caron, vied for control of the throne. Tensions escalated due to disputes over succession, influence at court, and conflicting economic interests. The death of the reigning monarch without a clear heir further fueled the flames.


Both houses rallied their supporters, forming alliances with lesser nobility and securing military support. The common people, caught in the crossfire, were forced to choose sides based on loyalty, regional ties, or promises made by the noble houses.


The war unfolded across the picturesque landscapes of Edria, with battles fought in fertile valleys, dense forests, and strategic castles.


The beauty of the surroundings starkly contrasted with the brutality of the conflict.

The Engagement

The conflict saw a series of skirmishes and major battles. Armored knights clashed on open fields, and sieges were laid on strategic strongholds. Both sides employed military strategies influenced by the terrain, with guerrilla tactics in forests and traditional cavalry charges in open plains.


The war strained the economy and led to widespread suffering among the common folk. Many villages were plundered, and crops destroyed. The victory of House Caron brought a period of stability but also led to reprisals against supporters of House Veridin.


House Caron solidified its control over the Commonwealth, establishing a new order of governance. The defeated House Veridin faced severe consequences, with some members executed, and others exiled. The uneasy peace that followed was maintained through House Caron's firm rule.

Historical Significance

The War of the Roses became a significant chapter in Edria's history, shaping the dynamics of power and politics. The decisive victory of House Caron marked the beginning of their dominance in the Commonwealth.

In Literature

Bards and chroniclers immortalized the war in ballads and epic poems, capturing the heroism and tragedy of the conflict. These narratives often reflected the bias of the storyteller, depending on their allegiance.

Technological Advancement

The war prompted advancements in military technology, with both houses investing in the development of improved weaponry and fortifications. This technological race laid the foundation for a more sophisticated and lethal military apparatus in Edria.
Conflict Type
Civil War
Battlefield Type
Start Date
22 Solaris 1455 DA
Ending Date
16 Cerulean 1487 DA
Conflict Result
House Caron achieved a decisive victory on the plains of Eldoria.


House Veridin
House Caron


House Veridin, though initially having a numerical advantage in terms of supporters, lacked the military discipline and strategic prowess of House Caron. Their strength lay in regional alliances and the loyalty of certain powerful vassals.
House Caron boasted a more disciplined and better-trained military force. Their knights were renowned for their skill in combat, and the house had alliances with influential vassals who provided both military and economic support.


The house suffered significant casualties, especially after the decisive battle on the plains of Eldoria. Many of their soldiers were either killed in battle or captured.
While House Caron certainly faced losses, their victory on the plains of Eldoria minimized casualties compared to House Veridin. The disciplined nature of their forces contributed to a more effective and strategic approach.


House Veridin aimed to maintain its historical influence over Edria and secure the throne for their chosen heir. Their objectives included preserving the traditional power structures that had benefited them in the past.
House Caron sought to break the influence of House Veridin and establish their own supremacy. Their objectives included centralizing power around the monarchy, ensuring loyalty from vassals, and maintaining order in the Commonwealth.

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