Sydero Theron

"People are pawns, only instrumental in fulfilling some need. Whether that’s information, sex, exploitation, or something completely different. That song doesn’t change." - Sydero to Roe
  Sydero “Syd” Nasi Theron is a female cambion who originally poses as a witch to hide her identity. She is a love interest in Superstition and first seen in episode one, No Good Deeds and shows up in all of season one. In season two, due to her new circumstances, she is missing for most of the season.   Syd was searching for her mother by tracking her brother when the two fighting, lands her in the hands of Roe. With her original plan derailed, she struggles to balance both her demonic and humane side, as well as accomplish her goals.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Though Sydero relies more on abilities than weapons, it is not rare to see Sydero wielding a dagger that can sometimes transform into two separate daggers. A gift from Lust, this demon blade reacts only to Sydero's presence, and only she can effectively wield it. In the hands of another the blade will become immensely heavy and fail to perform.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Due to a prophecy, Sydero’s birth was foreseen and needed, along with her twin brother’s, Rahim, birth. She was born to Maurine Theron and the Prince of Lust, Asmodeus. As soon as Sydero turned five, fully weaned off her mother, Asmodeus came for her. Sydero was then raised amongst demons. She matured at a faster rate and was being taught supernatural history and trained on what her power was[1]. When Sydero returned home she discovered her mom was now both blind and mentally unstable. Her brother blamed her and called her a monster, pushing her to leave. She didn’t, and the family, though on edge, lived together for a while in peace.   That peace was again disrupted when Asmodeus was able to find Sydero when she turned ten. Sydero had accidentally undone her mother’s magic, allowing the demons to track her. This time she was tortured and trained on how to control her powers even in the worst situations. She was put into a box that still haunts her and told that she would not come out until she got a question right. Sydero stayed in that box for 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days, though this was in demonic time. She was allowed out when she finally got the question right.   When she was let out, she was able to escape yet again after killing a host of demons. This time, she went to a powerful witch and learned how to keep the demons from finding her. Sydero began to survive on her own and learned to rely on herself.

Personality Characteristics


“There’s no conversation, love and caring for others is a weakness. Sure, there are elements that can give it strength, but at the end of the day, it’ll kill you. There are just too many things that that amount of care opens you up to. Better to keep your distance.”
At the end of the day, Sydero cares for one thing and that's her own survival. For so long she has had to fight for her survival that it has become second nature to her. When faced with a fight that she cannot win, Sydero will run. Sydero doesn't take risks, despite her hatred for plans she does an excellent job of weighing the outcomes of situations before entering them. But, saying that's all that motivates Sydero would be a lie. Her own survival is her top priority, but it is obvious that Sydero also cares greatly for those around her, even if she does a horrendous job showing it. Her need to constantly protect those who rely on her weigh heavily on her conscious. Enough to where she will either abandon them or become fiercely devoted to their safety.

Likes & Dislikes

In terms of getting Sydero to like you, being mean isn't actually a bad path. Sydero appreciates those who stand up for herself as well as those who know how to fight their own fights and aren't afraid of saying what's on their mind. Being sarcastic, uncaring, and downright rude to her at times will earn her respect. Though, there are exceptions. Mostly being that she doesn't appreciate it when she's trying to help or tell Roe something that they're obviously not knowledgeable about. Countering things that she says and refusing to listen, especially if she was questioned, is frowned upon. Alongside this, Sydero doesn't appreciate those who are weak and easily give up. Complaining and whining is also another way to lower her feelings on you.  


Social Aptitude

In no way is Sydero a people person. Her patience is far too short and her attitude disallows her from effectively speaking to others. The only people who typically see past this attitude are those who know her. Despite her ineptitude, she is highly manipulative and charismatic enough to trick people into doing what she wants. It also may come as a surprise that Sydero is able to easily blend in with the crowd. Having to do so multiple times to avoid detection, Sydero's ability to copy the mannerisms of those around her are truly noteworthy.
Circumstances of Birth
Las Vegas, Nevada
Presented Sex

Series Information

First Appearance:
No Good Deed
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Season Two


Season Three


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