Season Three

Season Three is the third season of Superstition. It contains - episodes and began on - and ended on -.  


Purgatory, the land of death and the origins of supernatural beings. Also, the place you find yourself in. Your past unravels as all the pieces you lacked in the past suddenly appear at your feet. Answers you never thought you would get now find themselves within your grasp. But that doesn’t mean you know what to do with them. Though your past is no longer a mystery, your future is. And it does not look bright. Another prophecy comes into play, and bonds are tested, strengthened, and broken.   If you thought everything in your past was the real test, then you were wrong. You are now officially in this life. There is no going back. There is no place for regrets and second thoughts. In a world as big as yours, will you be the prey or the predator?  


  • Solidify your romance with one of six characters or keep it moving and grooving.
  • Unlock the mysteries of your past while unraveling all that awaits you.
  • Figure out what type of supernatural you’ll be and where your values and strengths lie.
  • Embrace your newfound powers and become a major player in the game.
  • Will a choice today affect the final look of your future?


This list includes all significant characters that appear in season three, along with their: status (conditional or definite), if you can romance them and/or have a fling with them, and the first episode that they're seen in.


  • Chris Richardson : Alive/Dead | ❤ | No Good Deed. Chris is a twenty two year old human who is also Roe's best friend. After becoming concerned with Roe's well being, he is pulled into the supernatural world.
  • Sydero Theron : Alive | ❤ | No Good Deed. Sydero is a twenty three year old cambion with an attitude who allows you to join her as she attempts to run from those hunting her.
  • Bradley Whittaker : Alive | Who Let the Dogs In. Bradley is a sixteen year old human boy with a love for computers and gaming. After being attacked by werewolves, he joins your group and behaves as the researcher.
  • Zillah "The Entity" : Alive | ❤ | Eye of the Roe. A malicious shade.
  • Rahim Theron : Alive | ❤ | Heaven Sent. Rahim is a twenty three year old nephilim who believes in honor and doing the right thing, he joins the group after they ask for his help.
  • Amari Foster : Alive | ❤ | Chicago Rogue. Amari is a twenty year old hybrid who teams up with the group after they spare her life.

Recurring Characters

  • Chanara Mitchell: Alive | ❤ | There's No Place Like Home. Chanara is a twenty-four year old reaper who becomes Roe's instructor and aids the group from time to time.
  • Faye: Alive | Charmed. A witch who has a past with Sydero and offers to help the group with anything they need.
  • Jeff : Alive | Life Without Parole. A strange human male who loves nothing more than to drink, and oddly, has information regarding the supernatural.
  • Raum : Alive | No Good Deed. An demonic bounty hunter after Sydero and soon, Roe.
  • Petri : Alive/Dead | No Good Deed. A werewolf cop working with Raum.
  • Azrael: Alive | Dreamscape. The Angel of Death and a close ally to Death.

Other Characters

  • Uncle Matheus : Alive/Dead | No Good Deed. Roe's uncle and caregiver.
  • Asmodeus "Lust": Alive | Journey to Hell Part 1. One of the seven princes of Hell and Sydero's father.
  • Greed: Alive| Journey to Hell Part 1. One of the seven princes of Hell and the Prince of Greed.
  • Leviathan "Envy": Alive | The Vulnerable Five. One of the seven princes of Hell and Prince of Envy.
  • Wrath: Alive | The Vulnerable Five. One of the seven princes of Hell and Prince of Wrath.
  • Sloth: Alive | The Vulnerable Five. One of the seven princes of Hell and Prince of Sloth.
  • Gluttony: Alive | Journey to Hell Part 2. One of the seven princes of Hell, a cambion, and the Prince of Gluttony.
  • Michael: Alive | When Death Comes Knocking. An archangel and Rahim's father.
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