The Krosta Building


The office of the Institute of Magi Technincians is situated in Vellum Square in the Old City district of Salike. They own several properties both within and without Salike, but the Krosta building is their official headquarters. Named after the founder of the institute, it is an impressive three storey eddifice, which dominates the square in which it sits. The building houses administrative offices, low level research laboratories, a library, meeting rooms and their vault.  

Ground floor

This houses the recruitment and training centre, and the administrative offices. The main entrance leads into a large reception area, flanked on either side by the offices, to the rear are the training rooms and demonstration workshops. It is here that the day to day running of the business occurs.

Second floor

This floor is given over to the extensive library, research facillities and meeting rooms. The research section is sealed off from members of the public and it's only access point has strict security measures. The library is open to the public by invitation or approved request only.

Third floor

This top level contains the offices of the leaders of the Institute and several more lavish meeting rooms. There are also a couple of living suites. Only the wealthy and powerful of Kessemel ever see this upper floor, apart from a few trusted employees, and it is here that the real work of the Institute takes place.
Parent Location
Owning Organization

The Vaults

Beneath the building is a basement level which contains the vaults. Security here is very high and access is strictly for those who need to know. It doesn't contain the most dangerous secrets of the Institute, but it does house a vast store of information that they have gathered over the years. Anything from ancient texts to the dirty secrets of the rich and famous can be found down here. It is one of the major power sources of the Institute and few even know most of it exists, to most people this is simply where the Institute stores it's wealth and research secrets.


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