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... or the strawberry race if you prefer

Eftrassians are simple people from the land of strawberries, Eftrassa. They are usually doing menial work, harvesting magical strawberries in the field, crafting wooden and woollen trinkets and preserves to sell, taking life as one long walk through the spring breeze, and partaking in whatever drama they can get their hands on. It is not common to see an Eftrassian venturing out of their world for a reason that isn't church-related, but if they want to venture out to the depths of the Black Marble, who are they to stop a family member's dream?

Innocent and Inexperienced

Eftrassians are honest folk. Homegrown folk. Folk described as both well-fed and blatantly dumb. Their rose-coloured skin shines like felt, they look like shrunken giants, and while their face is akin to humans, though it depends on the background of the Eftrassian in question. Their noses are either bulbous or, like their ears, nonexistent. The yellow puffs on their skin are their hearing and smelling sensors. Though we are talking about a "normal" adult Eftrassian, most vary in height. All the young are grassy white skin that gradually shifts into either red with yellow spots, ice with bloody spots, or a shrimpy lotus with milky spots during puberty.

Not-so-seedy Interior

This goes out to foreign perspectives of the Eftrassians. In Black Marble Media, Eftrassians are portrayed as modest extras and presumably featured in a minor role in a romantic comedy or some cosy murder mystery, all appearing in a small-town setting. Speaking of modest extras, Adamiele is a shirtless bodybuilder and can cause rainy days, the church is out for his blood. There's also Frasso, who is lives in the land of substances and stimulants as a bounty hunter, explosions expert, and the aforementioned gas-station cook with mechanical arms that makes sushi.

Random Facts

Eftrassians as a whole are mostly farmhands and craftsmen making work in rebirth. When it is spring in Eftrassa and in the Black Marble, Eftrassians grow whitish feathers and petals where that green little nub is somewhere on their body. Be it the head, shoulder, chest, eye, or where ever.
Adamiel Scheming by Shawn S.

Basic Information


You might want to look at diversity in the Black Marble.

In short, this world is different from the world of Earth. For instance, the races look distinctive even from themselves. It depends on what the viewer imagines the Marble in mind from dreams to nightmares.

Genetics and Reproduction

Eftrassians are one of the few races that not only reproduce like humans but also asexually and conceptually. Fun fact about your world, strawberries are plants and can reproduce through vegetative propagation via a runner, a viny cable that goes under or across the ground. Eftrassians are humanoid strawberries and share the same qualities with a runner somewhere on their body. 

Now, in the Black Marble, things are either born through birth or concept and imagination. Eftrassians can be born by giving characteristics to a strawberry in your world. The average garden variety strawberry in your world is about an adult Eftrassian in our world, which is way different from Black Marble strawberries that can't turn into Eftrassians. Consider it as a human to monkey situation.

Ecology and Habitats

Eftrassians live in the land of strawberries, a verdant land with trees and shrubs blooming strawberries. The only different thing is that the strawberries in Eftrassa are considered magical, that's layman for, "this fruit does something that a normal fruit in another land does not, but I don't know why". It is great for those who need a last-minute spell-casting component.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Eftrassians name their young like most people in the Black Marble. Puns. The names are strawberry related and often take a goofier suffix for their first, middle, last, drag, job, career, government, wrestling, pet, nick, and ongoing name.

I think a name I can pull is Adamiele Brontembury, an Eftrassian Tempemancer from the League of Brawny Spellcasters, L.O.B.S. for short. Frasso Strewthsbury lives in the land of Drugs as a bounty hunter. Icha Lee Corrmisson is the leader of Eftrassa's Sports Team, the Heartberries, with Aubleu Millipee as second in command.

Male Names
Adamiele, Erdbert, Frasier, Frasso, Harrot, Ichigo, Mitoby, Ray Sarph, Yeslek
Female Names
Aubleu, Bealissa, Bob, Fae, Icha Lee, Padora, Tusula, Zoriander
Brontembury, Cormisson, Enark, Jamison, Krane, Londe, Millipee, Moskowitz, Remargrin, Strewthsbury

Major Organizations

I suppose I could let you in on the Church of Aragarf. Aragarf is the pure concept of strawberries and created Eftrassa and the Eftrassians somewhere between 14th and 18th century your world. The main town in Eftrassa where the church lie, is holy ground to all who likes it. Once a week, Eftrassians work on crafts and stock for merchants to sell outside the world to neighbouring and contemporary clusters. The head priest of the Church usually makes the rounds of progression, upping cultivation, heading creative workshops for inexperienced youth, fixing and enforcing intergalactic paddleboats for merchants, planning various concerts and bingo nights, and parsing the book of Aragarf for a scripture.

Average Technological Level

Eftrassa is a modern town like Earth in its turn of the millennia. Around a mix between your politest and family-oriented farming town with a dash of 2000s reality television.

Common Dress Code

Eftrassian clothes are more of modern-day 2000s Earth that is always in spring. They dress light, usually a mix between suburban downtown and rural farming attire made by in-town tailors. Function and linen over form. Those directly involved with the church wears white.


Eftrassians have a deep understanding of the term family. No matter who someone is, Eftrassian or not, they are a part of their family. A relative of blood or not. Eftrassians choose who is a part of their family through blatant, if not trivial, conversation. Eftrassian families donate to each other or those more need than themselves. Most say it's what Aragarf wants Eftrassians to be.

Common Myths and Legends

Braethar the Blight Hraeiber the Dragon
Strawberries, Roses, Giants
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Red with pores pattened on their bodies.
Discovered by
The Quasi have parts of the Eftrassian and parts of another race. A good way to explain a Quasi is that they're born with permanent special effects makeup. For Eftrassians, their hands and feet would have claws and their skin markings would have sparse yellow spots.

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27 Mar, 2021 18:08

First off it is a nice concept that you made strawberries into a species. It's also interesting that they can reproduce in so many ways. I do not fully comprehend the conceptual part though, perhaps you could add a link to an article in your world about it or a tooltip :)   In discord you also asked what else could be added. I would say perhaps some examples of names following the name convention that you gave perhaps ^^ I wonder what you come up with :p If you want you could also expand the religion and culture section. You could add some traditions that this species has or what kind of clothes they would wear.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
27 Mar, 2021 18:51

Strawberry people! XD I love this concept!   Here are a few comments I had while reading and a few suggestions on where you can expand:   " that isn't commerce-based," you need to add "for a reason" before that. You need to cut this sentence in two: "Though we are talking about a "normal" adult Eftrassian, most vary in height, all the young are grassy white skin that gradually…."   In that first section, you're talking about Eftrassian and then you suddenly shift to Saxasarian in your bullet points without having introduced them before. Are they a subspecies?   In your anatomy section, you say " You might want to look at diversity in the Black Marble". If that's an article, add a link here. I'm not sure what you mean to say in that section. I got the idea that even people from the same species look widely different from each other, and that would presumably be the case of the Eftrassian, but not the rest of what you're trying to say. Also in the previous section you have described what your people look like already, so maybe you can move that info to the anatomy section instead and refocus the first section on how your people are perceived by others.   In the genetic section, I would just state directly that your people can reproduce the same way as human, since you only heavily hint at it. Also, with the asexual production you speak about normal strawberries. Do you also mean that your people have vine that they can extend to reproduce? And then they stay attached together? Or is the vine cut to give birth to new independent people? For the conceptual reproduction you could also add a bit more details. Is it every time we think about a strawberry, a strawberry people is born? If not what do we have to do for them to be born? Ar they born fully adult or as children?   In Ecology/habitat, I'd highlight that you have both strawberry people and normal strawberry on your world. I'm also wondering at how your people see the strawberry since you said in the sidebar it's their ancestors. I'm also curious about what your magical strawberries can do exactly.   The naming traditions sounds fun. You could put some examples here!   I'm not sure what you mean in the major organisation section. You should add more explanation or use tooltips to explain the Ark Foundation. Also maybe rename this section since you don't talk about the organisation of your people but say that some of them are members of an organisation. Also you could add explanation on the government system of your people.   In history you mention the "Church of Aragarf, the concept of strawberries." I think you need to develop that and give some explanation. (note: I saw that you explain that just after so that's ok, but the way this is presented is a bit confusing). In the "history" section you don't talk about history but about culture rather, so you can rename that section and either add a bit about history or not have a history section.   So after reading all of the article, what I'd like to know more about is how different the biology of the strawberry people is. Are they just different in colour from human or is there something else? How long is their childhood and what's their lifespan?

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11 Apr, 2021 11:52

The entire article has a funny, breeze tone to it that makes it a pleasure to read, while being strange enough that I'm certain to read more about this world. I can't stop thinking of an entire species of sentient strawberries, either.   ...And then there's intergalatic shenanigans, cybernetics, explosives and sushi. I am very intrigued.   Very intriguing, very well done :D

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
16 Apr, 2021 21:21

Hey Hexingale! I enjoy your plucky writing style. The thought of a strawberry sapient species that can be body builders and bounty hunters but also name themselves using puns is wonderfully absurd. Well done!

xtremepsy | Ölütanrı
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17 Apr, 2021 13:40

Strawberries farming strawberries? Ew, cannibalism. o_O But I guess it makes sense given the differences.   The writing style is interesting, but it clashes a bit when it is personal-narrative in some sections, and distant description in others. Still, a nice difference in how things are normally told. And it definitely helps draw attention to the larger setting.