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... or Races if you prefer.

Kinds in the Black Marble are people like you and me that come in many shapes and sizes. Kinds, and Personas to that extent, do not die. The only way a person can die is if it is not believed at all, and even then, they would fade away with tears in their eyes. Knowing that they might not come back whole.


There is an influx of races in the Black Marble that it is not a notable quality when keeping track of history. That doesn't mean someone would try and document these things, in fact, the ARK Project is doing so as we speak.

I think it is a wasteful effort to try, but I have been surprised before.
— World Jester

Types of Kinds

Anywho. Let's talk about the Kinds and their things. The Black Marble is ever-expanding, always birthing new kinds, for it is ever in a work in progress. Some you may be looking for would be in a different Kind, Orcs under Ogres is an example. Since there are many kinds and many more still needed accounted for, this document would only entail the list from Plast Archives.


Kinds born as animals and animal humanoids, like a dog, and a centaur. Though the latter is not called that in the Black Marble. These are the names that follow under animals and probably Human.

  • Arietian. Humanoid Sheep with the power to seek the stars and imbue sleep.
  • Aves. Flying creatures that look like humanoid birds. There are many.
    • Anas. Waterfowl-like humanoids. The graceful and the worst is among them.
    • Cipitrians. Bulking bird people with strongly hooked bills and a sense of lawfulness.
    • Gallus. Chickens with more of a body like humans, but with the obvious feathers, beak, and the occasional arm-like wings that great for hovering.
    • Paseri. Sparrow-like humanoids with an unnerving passion for the arts
    • Plugwynn. Frosted bird folk with a tendency to slide through many surfaces. Yes, most Plugwynn have Welsh accents.
    • Psittacus. Parrot Humanoids who can imitate any sound.
    • Oululo. Owl Humanoids
  • Blakefisk. Octopi and Cephalopods with legs and hands. Some Blakefisks look human while others are the summed concept of a giant squid monster.
  • Capri. The Capri are Satyrs, Fauns, and any who has features of a goat.
  • Cavi. Small rodents ranging from capybaras to guinea pigs all in humanoid form.
  • Crecrarnun. These beasties have long noses and can sense the earth below. They have poor sight, but they can sense many things below for a quick snack.
  • Crolagar. Humanoid lizards that are aptly seen near swampy areas.
  • Crus. the Crustation Humanoid
  • Curridan. Small furred squirrel people. Most commonly seen in trees.
  • Elafi. Humanoid Deers with knowledge of the Wild Hunt.
  • Equin. From Centaurs to Tikbalangs, to humanoids with horse legs to humanoids with horse heads. They're all primarily based on all things Equis, including the donkeys, the zebras, and, of course, the horses.
    • Pegasi. They are like the Equin, but with wings. Any wing would do, bird, bat, buffalo, etc.
  • Felis. They're cat-like humanoids. They can range from full-on feral beasts to humanoids with cat ears.
    • Leo. Lions gave humanoid form, mostly with the body of a humanoid and the head of a lion.
      • Manticore. Like the Leo, but with a venomous tail said to have a mind of their own.
      • Sphinx. Those with the head of a person, the body of a lion, or a lion-like humanoid, and with the wings of an eagle
    • Panthera. Leopard Humanoids
    • Tigri. Tiger-like humanoids.
  • Giraffa. Best not to get the Equin and the Giraffa confused. The Giraffa are notably taller with pronounced necks and long legs, while the Equin has more muscle.
    • Unicorn. The main reason why dreamers get Equins and Giraffa confused. They are a horned variant of the Giraffa, based on the Oriya, and are rarely seen. Some care getting sighted, some do not, it depends on the humans.
  • Hara. Rabbit type humanoids with trickery to their nature.
  • Kiboko. Hippopotamus Humanoids, probably the closest Kind to get to orcs and orc couture that isn't an ogre.
  • Kifaru. Bulking humanoids with horns placed especially on their noses. I could say Rhinoceri, but why ruin the fun?
  • Kowal. Those with Koala like traits and images.
  • Ledon. Elephantine humanoids fighting for their own lives for those who take interest in them.
  • Lupin. Wolves with humanoid bodies.
    • Cueno. Lupin whose loyalty would be found in legacies on end.
    • Kyuvul. Fox Humanoids, great at changing their bodies.
    • Tanuki. Raccoon dogs humanoids who use trickery for good.
  • Merfolk. Fish people. Some have legs and some have a fishtail.
  • Namisi. Humanoids with monkey-like attributes. These look the most human of the Animalia
    • Gorgorai. Muscle bound apes with enough raw manpower.
  • Roo. Kangaroos with a more humanoid form. They are best known with a spring in their step and has more muscular structure and fight experience.
  • Salianura. Humanoid Frogs.
  • Serpen. Snake Humanoids from Nagas to Jormunganderlings.
  • Sus. Pig Humanoids.
  • Tortuga. Turtle Humanoids
  • Ursin. Bear-like individuals.


Those that are born from their dreams

  • Maremongerers. Those composed of nightmares, fears, and anxiety. Some typically come in the form as devils in a ballet.
  • Dreamdancers. Those composed of passion, self-confidence, and all things from dreams. Some typically come in the form of as angels in a ballet.


Whenever a dreamer sleeps with food on their mind, these kinds show and tempt the dreamer.

  • Aegfolk. Egg Shelled beings known for being impervious.
  • Bijiren. Brown and Blue scaled individuals with natural armour made by the rain. From Biji, the land of Chestnuts.
  • Bromalti. Thorned individuals with a dark essence inside them. They are from Bromalt, the land of Blackberries and Black Currants.
  • Cerasi. Cherry like cat devils. Some are sweet, others are sour, but most to gain spice. Most notably from Cerasus, the land of Cherries.
  • Cocoñe. Hard-shelled Armadillo-like humanoid coconuts with ties to the Bogeyman.
  • Corulean. Blue individuals with a crown of horns. From the Planet Coruelea, the land of Blueberries
  • Faragar. Red creatures that are known for their optimism and sweetness. From the world of the same name, the land of Strawberries.
  • Gealai. Pumpkin headed mages famed for their frights and lights.
  • Isin. Round plump humanoids based on the Akee.
  • Kepian. An Akebia looking being with five wings.
  • Lorangil. Beings with black and gold skin. From the eponymous Lorangil, the land of Loquats.
  • Melull. Round individuals with shiny bodies rounding colours from Reds, Yellows, and Greens. Blacks and Golds are rare on occasion.
  • Munasa. Long waxy humanoids with multiple thick tails.
  • Orsen. Round folk with an affinity to the ocean. They have colourful scales ranging from golden oranges and bolden blues.
  • Peshmoran. Pink Humanoids with a weird ability to manipulate love on their attackers. From Peshmor, the land of Peaches
  • Pinana. Prickly people with an odd sweetness.
  • Plantfolk. Leafy individuals born of plants, some may or may not be faerie folk
  • Pyrocciden. Greenish-yellow individuals with pear-shaped bodies.
  • Raspine. Small and bumpy wine-coloured beasts.
  • Rojavern. Spiked pink wyverns brave enough to fly with heraldry.


Humans are most definitely everywhere in the Black Marble, you can not walk for two feet without seeing one. There is nothing wrong with humans though, the most inspirational are seen amongst them.

Mythological Creatures

These are kinds that can be comprehended in some form but do not fit as Animals or Foods.
  • Affinity. Creatures with innate spells, like Salamanders, Undines, Florens, and more.
    • Salamander
    • Slyph
    • Gnome
      • Floren
    • Undine
  • Angels
  • Automaton. Man-made beings born and given free will.
    • Adams and Eves. Automatons with meat as their cogs, most people would call it an entire race of Frankenstein's monsters.
  • Devils
  • Demons
  • Drachling. Those belonging anywhere in the Dragon Genus as an offspring. When dreaming, you could see that some Drachling are scaled, others could have skin, and some, specifically the most dangerous of the Drachling, are furred.
  • Dwarves
  • Elves
    • Darkness. Elves born in the land of darkness.
    • Lunar
    • Merriment
    • Nature
    • Sea
    • Seasons
    • Solar
  • Esseborne
  • Giants
  • Goblins
    • Hobgoblins
  • Kobolds. Kobolds in the Black Marble are small individuals that can resemble any humanoid. A small anthropomorphized animal would be what most think of Kobolds. They are house spirits, but some can be tricksters, accountants, leaders and more.
  • Ogres
  • Onis
  • Shapeshifters. Someone who can change their face and form as someone else.
  • Tengu


People who considered themselves Quasi is and isn't their kind. Someone who is Quasi Elvish could have some traits of elves, but with other traits, no ordinary Elf can do. If you want to keep things simple, Quasi Elves are to the Quasi in general as Half-Elves are to Halves. These races go under Quasi but go under a different name.
  • Therians. Most notably as therianthropes and most commonly known and mislabeled as Werewolves, Therians are those who can change into a specific form.
  • Undead. Most dreamers fear about a zombie apocalypse or the kiss of a ghost, that is how the Undead lives here.
    • Geist. Apparitions from beyond the grave that can act as friendly guides or omens to the dreamer.
    • Mummies. Undead disturbed by crypt dwellers, seeking out the greedy that stole what was once theirs.
    • Skeletons. The bare bones of what they used to be now animated by some force. Some skeletons might have the bones of someone else. They also know a thing or two when it comes to parties.
    • Vampires. Undead creatures of the night that feast on the living's life force.

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Author's Notes

The article on Kinds has names and sentences I would like to reread and replace. If there is any problem with the document, please talk about it in the comments.

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