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The History of Magic

Magic has existed throughout the history of Binaka in one form or another. It has gone from the source of civilization, to the shadow of an echo, to the echo of an echo, to an important, if not critical, part of life.  


Prior to the arrival of the gods and presence of humans, the world of Binaka seethed with raw magical energy. It was not fit for life as we know it. Instead, it was a hiding place and battleground for powerful other-realm beings. When the gods were granted this world by Éŗärpé, they quickly banished these interlopers from other realms and tamed down the magic.  

First Age

In the first age, the gods operated in the daily lives of the people, aiding and encouraging them to build their civilization based on the still-strong magic of the world. Each intelligent being had a battery of magic within them, as well as vast rivers of magic to draw upon. Most people manipulated magic on a daily basis while the most powerful thodarpé created buildings and even cities. When they started to manipulate relality itself, the gods started an effort to stop them, culminating in the God War and the near eradication of magic.  

Second Age

With magic largely eradicated, there was very little magic energy remaining in the world. What little existed was trapped in the handful of devices that survived. And one Floating City. The city was actively masked by the handful of fairly powerful wizards that survived with the city and never discovered. Some of the other artifacts were discovered and very rarely utilized. If the artifact had its own energy storage, it could be used. But generally, even the most powerful of artifacts were so depleted as to only do a small fraction of their intent. They remained, largely, curiosities and magic was nothing but a myth.  

Third Age

Generally, magic remained the same in the Third Age as in the Second. However, more devices were discovered and due to the change in "ambient" technology and beliefs, magic was more detectable. However, it still remained largely unknown and unacknowledged. The exception is that the subtle influence of magic (and somewhat less subtle pushes from the gods) caused thoughts and designs to tend to be more "magic compatible" than was possible in the Second Age.  

Fourth Age

Through the influence of the gods, magic returned for the Fourth Age. It is not as strong as in the First Age. Individuals typically do not have their own internal magic source, and the levels of ambient magic energies are much reduced. But most people can at least sense magic and many can fully utilize it, just not to the levels possible previously.

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