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First Age

The first age of Binaka was populated by the gods by magic wielding mortals (humans) that eventually attempted to match the gods for power.   With virtually no limits on what could be done using magic beyond the skill of the wielder, civilization quickly advanced. Disagreements quickly escalated to destructive battles of magic. This age profoundly changed the landscape of Binaka as it was freely changed by those who wielded some of the most powerful magics.   As skilled practictioners grew in power, they began suppressing or outright enslaving those less powerful. There was little that could be done by the less power, as there was no way to leverage any sort of technology. Technology consisted strictly of magical implements. And those were jealously guarded by their makers.   Eventually, the Wizard Kings began to rule, starting with Brufra Áng. They imposed strict order on their people. Soon, rival kings (brufran) began fighting one another.

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