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baudain (/ˈbaʊdaɪn/)

The baudain is a common beast of burden and riding among the Kaushan. They are well-adapted to the desert and herds of baudainash are considered part of the tribe among nomadic Kaushan. among the Kaushan of the Eastern Principalities, they are used for farming and for transport, most notably for pulling the yilik shaŗīr from Ti'ilik Votoshī to the capital of each of the Principalities.   With a broad, squat body atop long spindly legs; a head on a quite flexible neck that juts at an odd angle from the body; and shaggy fur; baudinash are some of the more unusual looking common creatures in the Eastern Desert. They are able to survive without water in the desert for up to 12 days. It is this hardiness, and their surprising strength, that caused the Kaushan to start using them as pack animals centuries ago.   The baudainash at Ti'ilik Votoshī are specially bred for strength and endurance, well beyond those of common baudainash. When making the yearly trip delivering yilik across the principalities, each team travels non-stop to its designated capital. They stop only briefly (for an hour or two) three times each day for food and rest. They maintain speeds of up to 30 mi/hr the rest of the time, pulling yilik shaŗīr filled with tons of yilik fruit. Despite the slight magical levitation of the wagons, they still are a difficult, heavy load that the baudainash pull with ease.
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