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Safehouse is part escape room, part mini-mystery, and part interactive fiction. While you don't technically have to solve the puzzles and mystery to escape, the adventure does reward your more inquisitive endeavors; to find out what exactly is going on you'll need to explore your surroundings. Any part of this article may be a clue, and by solving the puzzle you should be able to figure out who you are, why you're here, and where a certain important object is located.

How To Play

All you really need is yourself! However, a pen and piece of paper may be useful for notetaking as well as keeping track of stats. For timing, I envisioned this to take a couple hours, however it could take less or more time depending on how you play. You can look to the sidebar for how to set up your paper, as well as a couple general hints if needed, and when you're ready go to the first room to start exploring.

Set Up Your Paper:

Your Name


Make sure to save some space for notes on your paper if you plan on doing the puzzles.

*hints (scroll down only if needed)*

1. There are seven descendents of the High Lord of your House (including the deceased), so there are seven names to look for.

2. In arranging memories, also look at the names.

3. For some odd-sounding phrases/sentences, it may be helpful to look them up.

4. Some of the puzzles are cryptics.

Part One

Adventure April Test
NOTE: Only open the boxes when prompted.
You can either try to untie the rope, or simply wrangle out of the chair using your strength.
Untie the rope.
Add 1 to your wisdom.
Wrangle out of the chair.
Add 1 to your strength.

Then return to the map.
House Osteron Portrait


Tobias is dying, only two years after his mother. You and B are in the room when he takes his last breath. Your brother looks at you, and then at the wood he’s still holding. He will not be able to play anymore—the High Lord will not let him.

You arrive home, but your father looks past you to the rose, to the chain. He rips it off—little stones fall and clatter on the floor. Myrid is behind him, looking scornfully at them. There is another flower next to her. You are all there.

Later, your father brings the rose to Fort Brickard, and keeps the chain for himself.


A comrade sends you to the ground—you don’t remember who, and really, it doesn’t matter—and there is red, myriad of red. You cup the right socket, your hand filling with viscous and red, blinded in pain. And Myridan above you, frantic. Only she and her own came to watch you, and now she presses her hand to your face, a crowbar case.

Look at that sword. That is a nice sword.

It's actually not, but it's still a weapon. Roll a strength check to try and grab it. If you get a 4+, add Sword to your inventory.

aa adventure houses of dignity puzzle



The High Lord has sent all his boys out to the grounds but you are not upset by this; you enjoy the work, in fact, and you bastards are looking to pursue it further. Ba is called, and you look over to the herd just across the fence. Fence, fencing. A man of the truth—the laws and histories—greets him and when they shake you notice his hands, dirtied and rough.

Myr, myrh, myrhh. It’s myrhh, is what she tells him, that is what he’s tasting. She tells him that it will do him good, and finishes pouring the wine. He does not notice the gloves of our lady.

Your brother is to be the High Lord after, but he doesn’t want to, he wants to play. You are across the room, and you watch him pick at strings, the flower swaying next to him. They will both soon be tied; it is your father’s will.


Is it father you should worry about or Myrida? With your brother out of the line, you are arguably next. But ‘arguably’ is the key. Violet goes to your sister in the middle of the night, a glint between her fingers. On the moon they wore feathers in their hair, and rubies on their hands. She drops it into your sister’s waiting hands, assuring her that father won’t miss it—it was sitting in the High Lady’s box and besides, their bloody fingers left him otherwise occupied.


The rose is wilting, reddened face. Your sisters are both comforting. And there is more red, myriad of red, Myri asks of red. It is not the rose’s, don’t worry, it is his. Your eldest sister frowns. They will bring his House to another house, to cut this knot. They plan to do it before father finds out the rose has wilted.

Down The Hall

You peek out into the hallway, and can just make out a tall figure at the other end. The lighting out here is minimal, constrained to two hooded lanterns halfway down, but enough that you discern a sheathed blade at the figure's side.

-You're strong, and skilled, enough to take them.
-It shouldn't be too difficult to sneak past in the shadows.

Pull a Sneaky
> Click to reveal
Staying close to the edge of the wall, you creep slowly down along the hallway. As you get closer, your attention briefly catches on the slight sheen of their gloves. There's a sort of polymer coating on the fingertips, and back and front of the palms, the type of material used for handling reactive arcanium.

Roll wisdom as you continue sneaking.

-4 or less


A Proper Fight
> Click to reveal
The figure turns just as you are approaching, their face hidden by mask and ink and hood. They pull out a thin blade, about equal in length to your own, and you both fall into combat. Surprisingly, it comes rather naturally to you, the way an old and familiar skill might. But the figure is skilled as well. . .

Roll for strength.

-1 or less

Run In Swinging
> Click to reveal
You get close enough to make out the red embroidery on their overcoat. A chaska, one of the nobility's private and secret police, though you're not sure why there's one here. They turn, and you see their mouth curl. The rest of their face is obscured under mask and ink and hood.

Roll for strength.

-4 or less


No More Than A Shadow
> Click to reveal
You spent years sneaking out of your own House to meet men and women; slipping past a single, unaware guard is child's play. In keeping to the shadows, you creep behind the guard just as they're turning toward the far end of the hallway. You find your way into the next room easily enough.
Not So Stealthy
> Click to reveal
You begin to make your way down the hall, but just as you're about to creep past the guard, they turn and meet your gaze. Well, fuck your original plan. You don't have time to draw a blade—or perhaps you don't think of it, since your wisdom sucks—so hopefully your hand-to-hand is better than your sneaking skills.

Roll for strength.

-4 or less


Lost your Blade
> Click to reveal
The figure grunts on the next riposte, and your rapier is knocked from your grip. It clatters to the floor, but your opponent's blade is on your shoulder, a finger's width from your neck before you can move.

-Time to switch tactics. Try to run past them.
-Ugh. You'll use your bare hands if you have to. Knock their sword away and take a swing.

The Better Swordsman
> Click to reveal
By the Second, you're good. You wear out your opponent until you're able to knock their sword from their grasp, and then kick their legs out from under them as they stumble. They fall to the ground, their head knocking against the hardwood.

-The fight doesn't end until one of you is dead.
-It is not your place to take their life.


Run Away
> Click to reveal
You turn on your heel and start to run back down the hall, but then realize—you have nowhere to run to except back to the room you just came from.

-Whatever. Back to square one. At least locking yourself in the first room will buy you some time.
-You hesitate and stop running, like a fool.

Got You!
> Click to reveal
Before you can move, your opponent has grabbed your arm, shoving you against the wall. Looks like there's no chance in running away, even if you wanted to.

Subtract 1 strength for being a runaway wuss.

You should probably fight back before your strength modifier gets any lower. Roll for strength.
-4 or less


Out Cold
> Click to reveal
You get in one swing before your adversary is on you. They don't even bother pulling out their blade—one uppercut directly at your stomach and you feel yourself keeling. If there was anything in there, you might've vomited. As it is, you simply dryheave, gasping. And then another fist, and your world goes black.

Subtract 1 from both strength and wisdom. Then return bound to your chair, and try again.
A Close Call
> Click to reveal
Your first swing connects with their nose. Really, you're not sure how you pull it off considering your current decrepit state, but you grapple with them for a minute or two, and then manage to land another hit in the same spot. Blood runs down their overcoat. They crumple to the floor, half pulling you with them.

-You should finish them off, just to be safe.
-As the Second shall have mercy on your soul, so shall you have mercy on your foes.


First Kill
> Click to reveal
You take their blade, now that they are too weakened to wield it, and slit their throat. The proper way to fell one's adversary, according to Axen. Blood spills out, and you let the body drop with a thud. You figure there's no need to be quiet; if there were any other guards, they would've heard the sounds of your scuffle already.

Time to get out of here before someone else returns to find your victim. Finish making your way down the hall.

Casper's Grace
> Click to reveal
Well, you can't simply leave them here either. You settle for dragging them back to the room, and deposit them in your chair. Get the bag over their head, and tie their hands as best you can. Two fingers on their wrist tells of their steady pulse.

Put Casper's Blessing in inventory, and finish making your way down the hall.


Part Two

Adventure April Room 2

aa adventure orev's puzzle