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Beast Empire

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Beast Empire covers the rebuilding of society after a thousand years of disease and natural disaster reduces the human race to near extinction.
A world full of Hybrids, Demons, disease, military conflict, and those trying to keep the world from falling back into the dark ages, where will you fall into the mix?

Perhaps you follow the life of Sybol Downs, an assassin working to put a blade in the back of the Draconian Empire's most powerful military leader. Maybe you prefer a more sultry life like that of Cheshire, Sovereign's most notorious brothel leader. If the cool weather is not your style, it could be the warmth of the sands of the Great Desert, riding towards Oasis to sell your goods and buy more bullets. Or maybe you just want to catalogue the music of the Old World as Syneth does, delving into ancient servers and communications buildings while fighting off bandits and rival archaeologists.

These are all the lives of the Beast Empire.


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