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Paul | Member Since 19 Feb, 2018
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I've always wanted to make a world of my own and I just found this site and can't wait to get started importing my files for better management!

Interests & Hobbies

I love constantly expanding the fantasy world I've always envisioned. DnD has greatly improved my ability to do so, due to how open-ended it is, giving me huge amounts of inspiration! I also play a ton of video games, absolutely love music and hope to compose some as a hobby sometime, and love getting out and exploring the world.

Favorite Movies

I don't really watch movies other than lately, a few memorable ones being Coco, Moana, Frozen, Tangled, all those animated goodies.

Favorite TV Series

Anime: Fairy Tail, Your Lie in April, Toradora, and many more!

Favorite Books

Spice and Wolf light novel series!


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