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Seto Domini

Seto Domini

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Seto is slim with some muscle tone, and generally smaller than the average Dragon. It has been noted that he is surprisingly quick to compensate for his strength.

Facial Features

Seto has a naturally young looking facial structure, softer than a typical Dragon. His overall head structure lacks any rigidity, giving him a less intimidating profile.

Identifying Characteristics

A series of burns from Hjarstein have scarred across Seto's upper right arm and neck, with some healed burn marks on his right cheek.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Seto Domini had always tried his best to blend in in the Draconian City, but his slim figure and interests in magic over physical strength have made it difficult for him.

He would always be the outcast, shunned for his interests and lack of muscle bulk, always the underdog and frequently harassed for it.

Seto would join the Draconian Empire Military at the age of 19 as a part of the Northern Company in the hopes of proving his worth, tasked with patrolling the northern borders of the empire and acting as a first warning of attack.

His platoon would encounter Hjarstein Lifson, and after a heated exchange with his commanding officer, Hjarstein unleashed his rage on the entire platoon, killing everyone except Seto in the back line.

According to Seto's account, Hjarstein approached him when he realized he was the last man alive and asked him "Do you speak Germanic?", nervously responding with a nod, he was told "Let the Empire know, do not threaten the last embers of my home, it has suffered enough."

Asking for his name, he was told "My name? It doesn't carry anything anymore, my family lineage is dead, and I am all that is left, but if it's that important to you...Hjarstein. Hjarstein Lifson."

As he walked away, Seto would shout to him "We're not all that different, you and I"
"Then you'll know better than to follow me, please, leave me be"

After this event, Seto's mentality on his life changed completely, no longer did he wish to fight to prove himself to the empire, instead, he wanted to learn pyromancy, hoping to prove to himself that he isn't some draconian reject.

Using his uniform as a cover to travel through the Draconian Empire, he would tell the tale of his encounter with Hjarstein, until he caught wind of a wolfkin pyromancer at the Circle of Magic who had ascended to Master status, and may become a Grandmaster.

He immediately sold his army gear and equipped himself to travel south to Goldshimmer Forest, seeking out Hjarstein in the hopes he could teach him what he witnessed in the north.

Upon reaching the Circle of Magic, Seto travelled to the schools for Pyromancy, and found Hjarstein. Now an older, more mature man, he approached Hjarstein with a reverent smile, "Sorry Hjarstein, but I had to follow you."

A weak smile snuck it's way onto Hjartstein's face, and with a nod he held out his hand, "You're the first dragon to say that without a sword drawn, I hope you're ready to learn"


Former Scout in the Draconian Military, Northern Company, 5th Platoon. Deserted.


Seto Domini

Respected Student (Vital)

Towards Hjarstein Lifson



Hjarstein Lifson

Idol and Mentor (Important)

Towards Seto Domini



Current Location
Year of Birth
3226 29 Years old
The Draconian City
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Reddish brown, medium length
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Fluent in Germanic and Common

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