Nortia (nɒr'-ʃjɒ)

Sisters of Fate Symbol by C. E. Dorsett
Nortia is on of the sister goddesses of fate worshiped by the Phersu. the Ifreann Tan, and the A'nath-ari, who spends most of her time studying the threads of destiny searching for ways to guide the galaxy toward a future golden age.   Her interventions into the events of the galaxy have brought mixed results from the rise of the Hikara Tera to founding of the Phersu to the War of the Three Moons. Legends of her success on Jahanara fuel her devotees to with hope that the such a golden age for the rest of the galaxy.   Outside of her devotees and a few related religions that developed after The Dark Nova, most have never heard of her and have no idea the influence her followers have had on the galaxy.  

Divine Domains

As one of the sisters of fate, Nortia can see the threads of destiny and believes it is her duty to guild the galaxy toward a better future, but fate sets into stone rather quickly, so major changes in the flow of time require diving intervention in order to unravel destiny so it can be woven according to her will.  

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The nail of fate is a common symbol of Nortia, as are the seven eyes of fate.  


On the first day of Eluri, the Phersu celebrate Weaver's Day commemorating the day Nortia gave a vision of the web of destiny to Neevh Tiar.  

Divine Goals & Aspirations

While she styles herself as a realist, Nortia believes it is posible to guide the galaxy toward an eventual golden age that will then have to maintain against the forces of chaos which will seek to drag worlds from the divine order.  

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Nortia takes many forms and appearences depending on her needs and desires.   She once appeared as an ebony skinned woman with lush black hair, wearing white pilgrim robes and a silver nail from a chain around her neck.   The silver nail is the most identifying aspect of her appearance.  

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Nortia believes that destiny is set and unchangable. The future itself is an amorphous cloud of possibility that can be discerned, but crystalizes quickly as the now approaches.  



Sister (Vital)

Towards Thesan




Sister (Vital)

Towards Nortia




Over the vast eons, Nortia and Thesan have argued about the nature of fate. Both of them can see with web of destiny, but have very different interpretations about maliable it truly is. Periodically, they make bets with each other in attempts to prove which one is right.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Dark-faced Goddess
  • Daughter of Justice
  • The Firstborn
  • The Unescapable
  • Winged Balancer of Life
Thesan (Sister)
Appears in:

Character Portrait image: The Symbol of Nortia by C. E. Dorsett


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