Thesan (θɛs'-æn)

Sisters of Fate Symbol by C. E. Dorsett
Thesan is one of the sisters of fate, worshipped by the Phersu, the Ifreann Tan, and the A'nath-ari, who spends her time dancing among the threads of destiny, untangling them so the course of time will run smoothe.   She takes a special interest in children, whose fates are not yet set to a particular path, guiding them toward a path is not only better for them, but for flow of galactic affairs.   Beyond her circle of devotees, few in the galaxy have heard her name, though many more have encountered her without knowing. More than any other deity, she intervenes in the lives of as many as she can for the betterment of the galaxy.  

Divine Domains

As one of the sisters of fate, Thesan can see the threads of destiny and believes that most events happen by random chance and that fate is not set until the event has happened.   The An-sarra also worshipped her as goddess of the dawn and new beginnings. In her role as a goddess of fate, ones role is truly set when she gives up on them.   As a holdover from her older legends, she is known as the Herald of the Red Father, but where this once referred to her as a dawn goddess, it now calls up the image of her loss of faith in an individual and that their fate is sealed.   Sometimes, she is called Rosy-fingered or Red Handed, which now calls up stories of her as a goddess of vengeance, with the blood of the condemned staining her hands.   She is also known as the Handmaid of the White Mother, who brings a better path out of the darkness and a change of destiny.  

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Thesan is associates with the colors white, red, and gold.  

Divine Goals & Aspirations

While Thesan presents herself as a chaotic goddess of chance, she desires to bring order the chaotic tangles of fate so the galaxy may find a stable footing and state of fortune, or even a golden age.  

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Thesan takes many forms and appearances depending on her needs and desires.   She once appeared as a young shin'an with scintillating golden skin and hair and white pilgrim robes.   The only consistent in her appearance is her youth.  

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In An-sarran Mythology, she was originally seen as the goddess of the dawn, rising every morning with the binary stars of An-mul. She was the herald of the red giant Sa-ada, which means, "Red Father," and the white dwarf Bar-Ama, which means "White Mother."  



Sister (Vital)

Towards Thesan




Sister (Vital)

Towards Nortia




Over the vast eons, Nortia and Thesan have argued about the nature of fate. Both of them can see with web of destiny, but have very different interpretations about maliable it truly is. Periodically, they make bets with each other in attempts to prove which one is right.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Early Born
  • Handmaid of the White Mother
  • Herald of the Red Father
  • Rosy-fingered or Red Handed
Nortia (Sister)
Appears in:

Character Portrait image: Thesan Symbol by C. E. Dorsett


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