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Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion of Worm

In every city of merit in Her Realm a citizen will find an education facility. The Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion is one of the first of these facilities built in the city of Worm.
It is the oldest facility, and one of the more respected by the citizens of Worm and the surrounding areas. And while the Paragons do not promote the merits of one education facility over another, nor do they encourage citizens to favour a particular facility, a well educated citizen will quickly come to understand that Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion has a very successful and astute population of students.

Purpose / Function

The education of child citizens in the proper and productive means of the Realm, thus leading to success of a personal nature and promoting Her Glory, Will and Prosperity.


Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion is designed following the prescribed Realm standard design for education facilities, that has proven to be the most condusive to the successful education of child citizens.
A central court yard and garden space is the focal point of the facility. These spaces are used for general instruction, meetings of the student body, specific education pertaining to life sciences or health sciences. Summer classes discuss such matters as that are relevant to summer, and simiarily winter classes (also held in the space) discuss such matters that most significant to the season of winter.
Surrounding these two spaces are the faculty and administration building to the north, the student residences to the south, the building of instruction to the west and the building containing support ammenities.
And around all of this is the Wall of Forebearance; so named as to remind all who come to the education facility that only through passing through difficulty with foreberance will success truely be achieved.


There are three enterances to Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion. The Gate of Insight which is a large gate commonly used to gain entrance to the grounds of the facility. This gate is the closest to the administration and faculty building. It is the main gate of the facility.
Then there is the Gate of Inspiration this is a smaller gate and typically used by students or their families. This gate is really just a simple set of double doors sufficient in size for foot traffic.
The last gate is the Gate of Innoculation. This is a large gate situated to provide direct access tot he ammenities building and its facilities. This gate is used mostly to supply Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion with needed stores and supplies.


At any time the student body of Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion will range from 500 to 700 students. These students are supported by some 100 Paragons who fullfill the roles of instructors, administrators and protectors. Futher, there are typically between 20-50 general staff who maintain the facilty and provide for the students and Paragons.

Hazards & Traps

The areas of Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion accessible ot the public are very safe. Those areas that are accesssible to the students are very safe as well, however older students are typically given access to a greater amount of the education facility. Typically, they are more responsible and have need for greater privacy or access to resources and equipment.
Those areas that are accessible to the Paragon's are generally safe, if you are a Paragon, if you mistakenly enter them, or have been directed to enter them by a Paragon. Otherwise, they are generally very hazardous often involving immobilization and detainment as a first reaction to an unauthorized presence.
It is not uncommon for Paragons to return detained curious or adventerous students to their rooms after they have been found and appropriately corrected for their behaviour. Rarely are students expelled or injured, the Paragons have developed very effective corrective methods through the melennia.


Like almost every noteworthy building in Her Realm, Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion of Worm has seen many alternations, improvements, and renovations. The facility's official records begin upon its opening, but Wormites know that underneath Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion of Worm are the bones and skeletal remains of her previous incarnations. They are of course sanctified and preserved by Her Will, so there is really no need for a Wormite to worry or concern themselves with such things.
"I remember my time at WIRD. So many good memories. It was a good 12 years. You know most of my class group graduated. Only 2 were lost on the grounds. And, sure a few of the more immature were retained for a few extra years, but we all made it and are successful, mostly."

Boarian Arlis, Human owner of the Grinding Girraf.
Founding Date
11 Jannar-It 43043 Rs
Alternative Names
Worm's Immaculate Resilience, WIRD.
Parent Location
Owning Organization
"Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion is like a crucible, yes? Young undiscipled minds come into her bossum, and through a firm a directive hand, young logical and right thinking minds leave. Some minds are fragile and need support. Some minds are creative and need guidance. Some minds are evil and need to be corrected. But, all minds up raise Her Glory, and so are cherished."

Instructor of Pennance Hyriam Gr'rral


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Aug 9, 2022 01:42

Great article. The whole vibe of this place can be summed up with "I am uncomfortable" or "I need an adult, oh not its the adults that are the problem". Great vibe.

Aug 14, 2022 07:10 by Ray

Thank you. Your kind words are appreciated. And, I am happy to see that the tone of the 'school' has come through. That sense of unease is a key element of Az-Atla.