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Voi Technia


The Voi Technia are technically a mercenary guild. Based out of Ialos in Maressea, they can be hired to assist you in an endeavour. Their name literally translates from Maressean to the common language as "The Aid Guild".  

The Principles of the Voi Technia

If you need help, the Voi Technia can assist. Whilst usually they take payment for their services, in certain situations a case may be assessed and those services are offered for free. Such cases are often for those less well off being taken advantage of by a someone, or people, in a position of power. In which case, payment is taken as discretionary based on whether or not anything can be recovered from the aggressor in that problem. Some cases, therefore, are simply undertaken out of the goodness of the hearts of Voi Technia.  

Structure & Members

Beneath the Technoi Arkos, there are simply two levels: the higher ranking Kapitans and the lower ranking Agentia. Rising from Agentia to Kapitan is usually a process of time and dedication to the cause. Whilst not distinguished from Kapitans, there is a distinction amongst some of them, as they hold positions in relation to the day-to-day running of the Voi Technia, such as the Head of Personnel Linus Bohr.  
Technoi Archos
The Technoi Archos is Orphira Marilos, an Ialos native, with strong roots within the city.  
  • Linus Bohr - a male north Aldenian Human, head of personnel.
  • Diri Seraph - a female Khenian Human
  • Portar Gauntis - a male Maressean Human
  • Lexise Uller - a female south Aldenian Human
  • Adrex Sixthscale - a male gold Dracaran
  • William "Will" Matthews - a male south Aldenian Human
  • Bhobrag The Shady - a male Orc
  • Gretaine Leadgrip - a female Mountain Dwarf (from Khul Boldir).
  • Bevayas Glaureal - a male Dust Elf
  • Glanduil Faelarei - a male Wood Elf (from western Aldenia)
  • Deormund Urifina - male central Aldenian human
  • Vanya Umerieth - a female Half-Elf
  • Brine Joossi (pronounced You-see) - a male Aqaran
  • Plus around two dozen others.
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Leader Title
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

Translation for Dungeon Delvers and Dragon Slayers

  • Dracaran - Dragonborn
  • Aqaran - Water Genasi

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