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Raven's Edge


Raven's Edge was a rapier-style blade used by the Suriiman hero Emilia Barreto Pimental during the Cataclysm Wars.  


It is thought that Raven's Edge was a rare example of a Black Iron weapon, as the Dwarven typically use the material for armour and shields when they do use it at all. Even rarer still, though, is that it's a black iron weapon that the Dwarves may not have made it. In fact, no one knows who did or indeed who for, originally, if Emilia wasn't the first wielder of it. What is known, however, is its appearance. Raven's Edge had a long thin, rapier-style blade, and the rounded hilt cover was covered with embossed ravens, hence the name. Though the ravens took the majority of witness's eye lines, it's believed the hilt beneath was relatively plain in comparison anyway.    


The only known user of the blade is Emilia Barret Pimental. However, there are no records of the blade's creation for Emilia, so it is presumed that she either found or was gifted it (though, by whom, is anyone's guess). Therefore, it is also assumed that Raven's Edge may be greatly older and could well be a pre-Discovery artefact since there are no references to such a weapon in record history. Emilia herself is a bit of an enigma, or at least there is little known about the phase of her life between youth and hero. She appears in the last census of the town prior to the Cataclysm War's outset. Accounts from the time suggest that Emilia may not necessarily have been on the side of the law, or at best was an adventurer-for-hire.    

Current Whereabouts

It is unknown what happened to Raven's Edge after the War's end. Emilia lived for another 40 years and died of natural causes, but the blade was not amongst her possessions when she passed away. It is believed by some that Aregos Falstar hid a great many important artefacts during his remaining lifespan, and it is known by a very select few that he travelled to Suriima in his own latter years, perhaps to visit Emilia, perhaps for other reasons.   Raven's Edge can be seen depicted in the hands of Emilia Barreto Pimental in the Cragview Museum as part of their Heroes of the Cataclysm exhibit.
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