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Forai Sur'aole


The Forai Sur'aole's agenda is simple by the literally translation of its name: "Elves above all". As Irallien fell further into the grips of an unknown curse, the Forai Sur'aole emerged as a supplementary force to keep Irallien 'in check'. Ultimately, though, it is this band of select extra-zealoted High Elfs that sought to push all non-High Elves out of Irallien.   They finally got their desire in the Spring of 586PC, when King Ionis Tardiriel put forth a mandate that demanded no Non-High Elves were allowed to enter Irallien.   During this time, they have developed a de facto rivalry with the Faes'Forai, who seem to be immune from the effects laid on Irallien.
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Military, Paramilitary/Militia
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