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Captain Pneuma's Journal

  The personal journal of Captain Amaya Pneuma, which is also referred to as The Captain's Log. She used this journal to write down her thoughts, experiences, and observations during her voyage around the world. The journal was made for Captain Pneuma by her writing instructor, Grau Quillblade. Solus even provided a supply of ink and quills for Amaya's use. The contents of the journal provide a chronological record of the various adventures of Amaya and her crew experienced from the day she received enough funding to prepare the expedition, past the day she returned to Centrum, and then when she finally retired the journal.


...I can tell that Grau had worked very hard on making this journal. Not only is the rich leather cover imbued with various designs stitched with Sable Fiber, but the pages feel wonderful. This must have been expensive to make...
1st of Stella, 1158AGC
— Captain Amaya Pneuma.
  The journal was made using high quality paper and Sable Fiber binding. The cover was made with rich Vantium Leather which was decorated by several Sable stitching designs, which included a prominent compass rose on the front cover. The corners of the cover were reinforced with bronze plating and leather straps were included to secure the book from unwanted eyes. The book also came with a sturdy wooden box, complete with lock and key, to protect it from harsh travel conditions and unauthorized persons.

Theft of the Journal

  Unfortunately, the journal in its current state is incomplete. The journal was stolen shortly after Amaya's presumed death and it took months to recover it. Unfortunately the returned journal had several missing pages as well as some that had been damaged. The culprits responsible for orchestrating the theft remains at large at the time of this article's writing. While some of these pages were recovered over the years some of these pages, there are still more to be found. Therefore, there are gaps in the records. Attempts have been made to fill in these gaps through oral accounts by still living crew members, but the thoughts of the captain herself that were on those pages are lost to us.


Grau Quillblade made the journal when he heard that Amaya had desired to travel the world. He wanted to ensure that Amaya could preserve her memories and experiences through writing a record of everything she saw, heard, touched, tasted, and smelled during her voyages.

Document Structure


The journal is divided into three years and further divided into twelve months for each year. Amaya recorded her observations under these months with the precise date preceding each entry.

Publication Status

The original Journal is privately held by the Archivists Guild. After the journal had been stolen, several wealthy clients commissioned for copies to be made to preserve what was left.

Historical Details


It is good that Amaya had been taught good penmanship. Otherwise, this document would not be as important to the Guild as it is now.
    This document is the centerpiece of the Archivists Guild Archive, and one of the primary sources of knowledge concerning the world beyond The Quassus Continent. This single comprehensive account has sparked the imaginations of not only Centrum citizens, but of others across the continent. There are plays based on some of the more harrowing accounts contained within this journal. Some people, including Archivist Taenya Naïlo, have expressed interests in embarking on their own epic adventure, even going as far as retracing Amaya's steps. To that end, the amount of vessels that have embarked on voyages to other continents has increased markedly over the years since Amaya's return. Trade with far lands has increased as a result, bringing in an unprecedented influx of exotic goods, particularly spices. None have yet to travel all the continents and return. Some have already tried, but they have yet to return.

All artwork is by starfarertheta unless otherwise noted.
Amaya's Journal_Update.png
Art by Starfarertheta
Journal, Personal
Authoring Date
1158AGC to 1160AGC

Note(s) from the Archivists:

    If anyone has any leads as to the whereabouts of the remaining missing pages, do not hesitate to contact the Archivists Guild. - Arch Archivist Grau Quillblade.

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