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Drakite (Der-ack-eye-t)

Drakites are just like normal Saurians except they possess large leathery wings, slightly longer necks, and special lungs and bones. Their lungs are much stronger than those of a regular Saurian, allowing them to breath thinner air when high in the sky. Additionally, their bones are thinner and lighter than usual, both making them more fragile and allowing them to attain greater speed and acceleration in the air. Drakites are accepted into Army, Drop Force, and Sky Corps, excluded from the Navy due to their wings inhibiting access to ships’ smaller corridors. The Army uses them for unexpected flanking maneuvers in specialist squads, the Drop Forces in dedicated companies with special suits that allow them to descend from orbit, and the Sky Corps as paratroopers.

Basic Information


Nearly identical to the appearance of a regular Saurian with the addition of large wings.

Genetics and Reproduction

Same as regular Saurians.

Growth Rate & Stages

Same as regular Saurians.

Ecology and Habitats

Same as regular Saurians.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Slightly longer faces and necks.

Average Intelligence

200 IQ

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Slightly worse ability to sense heat but substantially greater distance of vision.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Genetic Ancestor(s)
980 years
Average Height
7.5-9.5 ft
Average Length
(Wingspan) 12-16.5 ft
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Same as regular Saurians.
Related Organizations

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