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Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

Table of Content

Assignment 1 - Goals and Motivation


Creative Goal

  My creative goal is two fold. I want to be able to work on the continent of Edrax as a whole, and on the Empire of Kator in particular, without feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start and what to do. That's my personal goal. But as a DM I want to have enough broad strokes for this world, enough background knowledge of events, places and whatever else, to give my players the idea of a rich world with many aspects that do not revolve around their characters, to make them believe it is a world worth exploring and interacting with - but without overwhelming myself and thinking I'll need everything and now. I'm aiming for broad strokes, shallow overviews, that might resemble the entries of a lexicon more than they resemble an in depth essay and article. Enough to paint a vivid picture, but only so little, that I have the room to breath, and my players the chance to paint in the spaces in between.  


My Creative Goal is basically very much already a good indicator to what my Motivation is. I want to create an experience for my players, that lets them delve into a world and shape their own stories, without letting them flounder with no idea what to do. I want to have fun and feel like I'm actually building something that is worth building and not just happazardly trying to hold together different loose pieces.  

Challenge Goal

Since this is my first challenge of this kind, and I've got full time work and part time studies to consider, I'm aiming for a middle ground. The goal is to not overwhelm me. So I'm going with Silver (16 prompts). For now. Might change it, once I've got a better handle on how things are going.    

Assignment 2 - Themes

  On this assignment I will just be spitballing and brainstorming, trying to give myself some prompts and hooks that either connect to the worldbuilding I already have, or things that just come to mind and sound interessting.
Expanse Leadership Discovery Monstrous
The entirety of the Kator Empire is one sprawling expanse, as it consists of the Gihuela Desert and the Zagonda Plains. The Sorcerer-King Eguleus has an iron fist on the ruling of his country. Even the heads of the cities barely hold his trust. Kator Empire is rife with unexplored regions. Especially the desert makes it difficult, as lack of water and shifting landscapes due to storms - both magical and mundane - make any sense of progress nearly impossible. There are plenty of monstrous things hiding in the vast expanses of the Empire. There are creatures hiding in unexplored caves and ruins. There are beings and nature forever shifted and altered by the influence of magical storms and planar magic. There are people, who deem anyone else beneath them, working for nothing but their own hubris and enrichment.
Hooks & Ideas Hooks & Ideas Hooks & Ideas Hooks & Ideas
  • underground lake/river
  • Gihuela Desert
  • Zagonda Plains
  • Telsard Peaks
  • Unkaret Rise
  • who are the heads of the city?
  • who are the heads of the academies?
  • what is the king's ruling hierarchy?
  • who're the heads of the different factions?
  • Norad's reign & Facat Keemer
  • Who was General Han?
  • Tomb of Ancient Tribal leader
  • Old Estarr Ruins
  • entry to the underdark
  • Bone Forest
  • Sinking Fields
  • Pillar of Eternity
  • Rainbow Hills
  • The Wastes
  • Netherbane
  • Banishing Crown
  • Liar's Insignia
  • Chest of Lunacy
  • Doom's Edge
  • Ark of Grace
  • League of Amber
  • Scarlet Ashes
  • Country before Kator (Pivakht)
  • Al'Mufsih
  • Abberrations
  • WOES
  • Sorcerer King
  • Sand Devils
  • Grumpy Cacti
  • Sand Riders

Assignment 3 - Materials, Resources & Inspiration


(Article) Prompts & Ideas

  • Eyar
  • Devotees of Eyar (in Kator, Iedria & Waba)
  • Antagonistic groups of Eyar
  • Royal Helix of Waba


Hashep Oasis by Jonas De Ro
Mountain by Chris Rahn
Environment Painting - Homework 5 by saint-max
Sand by John Park
Dunes of Abu Dhabi by Oliver Wheeldon
Harvest Season by fatias94
Well, crap. Sand Riders!
Desert Demons by sandara
In the depth of the desert, exposed to the Storms, many an aberrant creature lurks.
Siege Rhino by Volkan Baǵa
They're just cool, okay?
The Nomad by Sainez
Susmars are a convenient, if expensive means of travel.
Desert Wyrm by Alexandr Elichev
Don't you wish it were Sand Riders instead?
Sand Storm by allagar
A possible manifestation of a Magical Storm
Ancient Defender by TyphonArt
A remenant of Eguleus' experimentations?
Apostle of death by Alessio Fiorasi
The bloody history of Kator attracts all kinds of powers.


Relevant Articles & Documentaries

Documentaries Articles
Eric in der Wüste
German. Trying to survive in the desert for one day.
How traditional desert homes in the UAE stayed cool
Sahara: Lebensweisheiten der Beduinen
German. Spending a day with bedouins.

Assignment 4 - Making a Plan

    Writing Time. Honestly, I've only got the weekends, considering work at the moment... I'll reserve the mornings for uni, so weekend evenings it is!
  Support. My best friend and some writing buddies.      

Summer Camp - Prompts and Article Overview


Copper Prompts

An ocean, desert, plain, pocket dimension, or other large expanse
Gihuela Desert
Α religion or organisation connected to a natural phenomenon Α species that survives in an unlikely place Α vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys
Α settlement beside or in a great expanse
Wahah Tisit
Α material only harvestable from nature Α culture who lives by, near or within an ocean, desert or other expanse Α food that marks a rite of passage for a culture in your world

Silver Prompts

A settlement that leads the known world in something A military conflict resolved through excellent leadership A building associated with governance, leadership or change An organisation associated with governance, leadership or change
A profession associated with leaders in your world A title that comands respect from those in the know A tradition or ceremony which confers an honor on someone A great leader of their people

Gold Prompts

A settlement that was lost or discovered An astonishing natural wonder A recently discovered, or rediscovered, species A lost or discovered artifactof sinificance or power
A technology lost, forgotten or shrouded in mystery A lost or discovered monument An explorer, researcher or other character motivated by discovered A travel log or other document associated with discovery

Diamond Prompts

A Species considered monstrous by some. A myth or urban legend about a 'monster'. A tradition that keeps monsters or bad luck away. A condition considered monstrous or 'unlucky' by some.
An organisation considered cruel or monstrous by some. A person considered villainous or monstrous. An artifact that embodies a hideous or monstrous idea.

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20 Jun, 2022 04:34

Very nice - and I love your inspiration pics - I'm inspired by them! :D   I don't know how long you've been using World Anvil, but what I find works for me is a multi-step process of creating articles. It lets me create content for DMing and keep everything in order without getting overwhelmed. I create empty stub articles that are nothing but the name (particularly for locations) - this lets me keep everything in order, and when I write content I can slap in links as I go (use @articlename to automatically insert). Then I'll open the list of articles in Article Manager and just write a sentence or two into each as I go down the list, to fix it in my mind - it takes literally seconds. I can set them to visible if I want, but either way, when my group are approaching that area I can flesh each article out with only a few minutes' work. It also allows me to write the content with hooks for specific players & their current characters.   Good luck with Summer Camp, and remember to have fun; don't stress out over reaching a particular number of articles or word count!

My Summer Camp entries are ready to read, with Diamond achieved!
Also, my Summer Camp prep entry is available.
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Master Simurgh
Sam Kasbian
21 Jun, 2022 16:25

Thank you so much :) And pictures are really my biggest source of inspiration... I definitely had to reign myself in so I didn't include even than that xD   While in theory I've been signed up and used WA on again off again for years, this is the first time I'm trying to really delve in and use it seriously. So I really appreciate the insight! That actually sounds like something that might work for me as well - letting me kinda have a little bit of everything to pick up when I need it, without overwhelming me, trying to figure out every detail.   And thank you, good luck to you as well :)