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Sam Kasbian

Member since: 11 Mar, 2018

Hello Worldbuilders :) I'm a child and youth care worker (in training) by day and a writer by night. I enjoy putting my characters in any world but our own. What I enjoy more than anything is creating cultures with all it entails as well as creating new magical systems.

Feel free to drop by and talk to me :) I'm usually a nice person ;)

Interests & Hobbies

Writing, Reading, Painting Watercolor, Sketching

Favourite Movies

LotR, Iron Man, Star Wars

Favourite TV Series

Hawaii Five-0, Voltron, Yuri!!! on Ice

Favourite Books

Temeraire, Harry Potter, Die Erben der Nacht

Favourite Games

Guild Wars 2, Sims


In a world rattled by a people revolting their oppressive king only to fall prey to their saviour, hope is a rare thing. While some may flourish, those on the losing side are left to scramble for survival.



A world not that far removed from ours, where magic exists and is source of convenience and suspicion.

Fantasy Fantasy, Urban Supernatural

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