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Kirat Bird

Avani have domesticated few animals. Very small and weak compared to their surroundings, most creatures are either too dangerous or large to domesticate with any effectiveness. Even docile creatures like cows and horses, suspected by scientists as being already partially trained, proved too difficult to handle. The one exception is the Kirat Bird, a creature closely related to dragonkind. Though predatory, they readily accept domestication and even seem to regard Avani with fondness. Kirats are used to carry heavier loads or drag along carts.

Basic Information


Kirat Birds appear very similar to dragons in many respects. They have four stocky legs, a pair of wings on their back, a long neck, and a beaklike snout with serrated teeth. Their body is covered in smooth scales. Internally, Kirat Birds have hollow bones to allow them to fly and prominent airsacs for their respiratory system. Their tails are semi-prehensile so they can grasp small objects.

Ecology and Habitats

The Kirat birds are physically optimized for forest habitats: many of the creatures they prefer to hunt reside there, it provides trees in which to roost, and the canopy gives them cover from larger flying predators. Forests are where they were originally domesticated by Avani.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Kirat birds mostly eat meat from mammals, reptiles, and whatever other creatures they can catch, though they are omnivorious and go after just about anything remotely edible. They hunt by flight with deadly precision and can easily track down whatever they decide to kill. It is quite notable that Avani are one of the few creatures they don't eat.

Additional Information


A complete overview about how Avani managed to befriend these creatures in the first place is nearly impossible. Modern folk give little thought to their presence, but in hindsight it seems quite unlikely that Avani would be anything but prey on the menu. The leading theory on the subject stipulates that Kirat birds may have followed behind early hunting parties and scavenged off what they left behind, learning to behave amicably towards Avani while at the same time Avani learned that they could be trained as hunting partners. The second most likely explanation is that these semi-intelligent creatures recognize Avani sentience and treat them accordingly. This is supported by the fact that Kirat birds behave similarly submissive with each other.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Since Avani lack much strength, Kirat Birds are primarily used as beasts of burden for airlifting cargo or dragging carts to their destinations. They perform their jobs faithfully. If unharnessed by their owners once or twice a day they will hunt for food and return later to continue their task. Some Kirats are instead used for tilling ground, tracking foes, or guarding homes. Of course, Kirats may also find a more intimate place in their owner's lives as beloved and trusted pets.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Kirat birds are mostly concentrated on Alvana and Kinavi; it is believed they may have originated from the Hinda Forests.

Average Intelligence

About 50-60 on the IQ scale is the average. Given that it isn't so far from the Avani average, some have speculated that about 2-5% of Kirat Birds may have Avani intelligence.
Scientific Name
Amicus Draco
Average Weight
30-200 flaps (.75 to 5 pounds)
Average Length
3-25 spans (.75 to 6.25 ft)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Kirat Birds are covered in scales. Depending on a number of at birth factors, principally the color of the parents, these may be anywhere from blood red to ocean blue to forest green.

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