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Black Hair

Variant hair grows darker with age. That means no matter what colour(s) hair a Variant might start out with, their hair will gradually darken throughout their adult lives until they reach old age, at which point it turns completely black. However, there are also Variants who are born with either pure or partially black hair.   Young Variants with black hair were once seen as being sick, and the colour of their hair was associated with mortality. However, since the discovery of humans and the fact that they are also capable of having black hair from birth, the perception of these Variants' hair has lost much of its stigma and grown more complex.   In more recent times an unexpected benefit has arisen from having black hair. It allows Scholars who are on Earth leave to more easily pass for human. This is useful for those of them that wish to live among humans during their Earth leave. This quality is also viewed with reverence and fascination amongst some Variants due to them perceiving those who have it as being "closer" to humans, and - perhaps by extension - the supercomputer Simone.

Transmission & Vectors

Variants have black hair based on their genetics, which are given to them by Simone via it synthesizing their embryos.


Black hair can manifest either partially (i.e. it appears either in the Variant's bangs or the back part of their hair) or fully (all of their hair is black). It does not include dark brown hair.


Early Variants believed that having black hair from birth doomed its owner to an early death. Howwever, this has been thoroughly debunked, with Variants with black hair living just as long and just as healthily as anyone else.


The first recorded cases of black hair were after the birth of the 4th Itera. Itera P-4 was born with pure black hair, while three others (Itera F-4, Itera Y-4, Itera code unknown) were born with partially black hair.  
Variants with Black Hair
Ethnicity | Jul 30, 2023

Cultural Reception

Modern cultural perceptions of black hair vary between families and individual Variants. Some see it as a symbol of intelligence and wisdom. Others associate black hair with longevity, the exact opposite of early beliefs. However, there are still some who believe it has the same connotations that humans often give the colour black, such as death, darkness and evil.   Regardless of perception, there is one thing all Variants agree on: the existence of black hair from birth is part of the great mystery that is Simone's will and the Variants' connection to humans.
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