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Variants with Black Hair

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Variant hair grows darker instead of lighter as Variants get older. Regardless of what colour(s) hair they have when young, both the front and back of their hair will darken over the course of their adult life until they reach old age, by which point all their hair will have turned completely black.   However, some Variants are born with pure or partially black hair. The reason for this is to this day a mystery. However, due to black hair being associated with death and aging, this was once a source of great fear and stigma. It was believed that black hair from birth was a sign of premature aging that signalled an early death for the one who had it. As such, many efforts were made to "cure" them or otherwise shield them from their apparent fate.   While these measures were intended to protect them and others from pain and suffering, for Variants with black hair, the Citadel of the 4th-9th Iteras was an harsh world indeed.  

Early times

  The earliest records of Variants being born with black hair date back to the birth of the 4th Itera. Itera P-4 was born with pure black hair, while three others (Itera F-4, Itera Y-4, Itera code unknown) were born with partially black hair. What few medical records are left show that these Kinderwuhns were kept under close watch for three days after they were born.   They showed no signs of ill health until one of them was bathed and developed a rash all over their body. This turned out to be an allergy to the "blessing soap" traditionally used before officially releasing them to their family. But this only fueled the paranoia among the Medics and others. Such an allergy was unheard of back then. Was it the black hair that caused this? Would the Kinderwuhns develop even more health issues as they grew up that the community would be unprepared for?


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