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Elise Steelbrine

Captain Elise Steelbrine (Mclintock) (she/her)

Cutthroat Captain of The Bound Maiden and member of The Tide.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a long red leather captains coat atop an enchanted leather corset (acts as +2 studded leather armor), tight trousers with thigh high leather boots, a +1 cutlass at her hip, a whip on her other hip, and a dagger in the small of her back.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born Elise Mclintock on the eastern shores of Freeport along the Amber Coast, her mother was a dockside whore and her father a nameless sailor in town for shore leave. Elise always found herself drawn to the sea, and could regularly be found down at the docks and among the seaside taverns the sailors frequented. Her mother never paid much mind to her, all but forgetting she existed once she was about six years old. She took to stealing what she needed and learned to fight after some of the larger kids started to bully her and take what she stole.   Over time she acquired a dagger to defend herself, and at the age of thirteen a drunken sailor had caught her stealing his coin purse. In his drunken stupor he grabbed her, and attempted to take his payment back in one form or another. Struggling with the drunk sailor, Elise drew her dagger from her boot and thrust it through his throat and into his spinal column. As he gurgled and spit blood and briny bile from his mouth, she stared him dead in the eyes, her steel gray eyes unblinking. At that moment she decided Elise Mclintock died and she took her new name.   Taking the dead man's cutlass and anything of worth he still held, she wiped her bloody dagger on his clothes and strode to the docks. Looking over the moored ships in the harbor, her gaze landed on The Sea Dragon and a sly smile crested her steely face. Moving with purpose she made her way up the gangplank, where she was stopped by a thick tree of a man. His corded muscular arms crossed in front of his chest, "Go back where ye' game from lil one," he bellowed.   "I seek audience wit yer captain," she said. Lightly tossing a coin sack in her palm the coins inside jingling about.   Eyebrow cocked the barrel man glanced over to another crewmate on the deck with a subtle nod. The other man turned and disappeared to the back of the ship. A few moments later he could be seen skulking about behind a man in a heavy leather overcoat with a tricorn hat as he approached where she stood on the gangplank. "I'm told you seek my audience," he said. His eyes followed the coin purse in her hand.   Tossing him the pouch, Elise said "I'd like to join yer crew."   "Bold of ye. Why would I want ye on me crew?"   "Fer starters, there's this." She tossed a bloody scrap of fabric at their feet.   Gesturing toward the thing she tossed, the captain motioned for his lacky to pick it up. As he bent over she deftly brought her dagger forth and drove it into the base of the man's skull, staring into the captains eyes with that wicked smile again. Twisting the blade with a sickening squelch, she withdrew it and bent without looking away from the captain to wipe away the blood on the dead man's clothes. "Yer down two crew."   The big man moved his hand to his blade hilt, while the captain stared intently at Elise. A raucous laughter bellowed forth from him and he said, "You've got moxie, that's fer sure. Welcome aboard lass, I'm Captain Jerrin Dracos. First order of business, clean that shit up!"   Emptying the man of valuables and pocketing what he had, she kicked him over the gangplank into the harbor. With another hearty laugh Captain Dracos said "Whats yer name lass."   "Elise Steelbrine," she said coldly.   From then on she was a part of the crew. On their next trip to Darkreach she officially joined The Tide, becoming one of the most ruthless of the Sea Dragon's crew. By the time she was twenty-one she earned the rank of first mate. Over time being part of the crew wasn't enough, being first mate wasn't enough. She wanted to be captain of her own ship.   That opportunity came soon enough, a few months later the crew of the Sea Dragon had come across a merchant galley. Putting the captain to the sword and pillaging his wares, she looked to Captain Dracos "Let me keep his ship, cap'n," she said.   Knowing the look in her eye he relented, "Aye, she's yers lass... Captain Steelbrine." With a wink and a smile he asked "What'll ya name her?"   Looking up and down the deck of her ship, "The Bound Maiden," she said smiling.   "A fine name, fer a fine ship. Ye be needing a crew, I can spare a man or two fer now, bind some of those rats into yer service." Nodding to the beaten and defeated crewmen aboard the Maiden, "We'll head fer Darkreach where ye can bring on a proper crew. I know ye been hording away some o' yer share o' loot fer just such an occasion."   "Aye Captain, yer not wrong there. To Darkreach then," shouting to her crew "Man the sails and lets be gone then!"


Elise has been known to be with both men and women. Not discriminating in her choice of companions.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Current Residence
Steel Gray
Long Chestnut Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5' 9"
135 lbs.
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Aquan, Thieves Cant

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