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Darkreach is the isolated isle stronghold of The Tide located within the Black Ocean.


In 915 FOS Darkreach has a population of 8,369 people, with 57% being humans, 9% elves, 11% dwarves, and 23% other races. Not all of them are sailors, there are those who live on the isle as shipwrights, smiths, merchants, entertainers, guards and the like.


When a ship of The Tide arrives on the island they must declare the amount of their profits, and from that there is a tithe offer (25-30%) to the Reef Queen/King. Tide members do not have to pay for repairs and have asylum on the island.

Guilds and Factions

Darkreach is the stronghold of The Tide, comprised of not just the sailors, but the various craft and trades people as well.


Around 168 FOS the pirate lord Selwyn 'Darkmane" Rischer overtook the isle of Calagos Reef, an important trading and repair stop in the Black Ocean. Having crowned himself 'Reef King'  and changing the name of his island stronghold to Darkreach, Darkmane put out a call to the other eight pirate lords of The Tide to come to his island.

Calagos Reef was formerly in the jurisdiction of the kingdom of Xelathor, though in the centuries since it fell into the hands of The Tide and was renamed Darkreach they have not attempted to regain control over the isle.

Darkreach is currently ruled by the Reef Queen Captain Thalia Viktra. Having killed the former Reef King  Kenrich Roscoein in 893 FOS, she took the throne for herself and has ruled over Darkreach ever since.
Founding Date
168 FOS
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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