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Snow Orc

These orcs were originally Forest Orcs but centuries ago they have been driven into the cold north or south of the continent where they are forced to make a living.   A bit hardier and tougher than the Forest Orcs.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Khairtuech, Draas, Doughairk, Huaruekr, Gaek, Kruenr, Raekhuahk, Seagr, Tuah, Khuak

Masculine names

Hoshpak, Ogur, Oruk, Gouhoug, Hrueg, Khraetch, Khoud, Khaatraatr, Suarkaegh, Daekruanh, Gaakhainr

Unisex names

Tuakkeach, Ghaitchaach, Draisough, Oruk, Khrues, Treatch, Hreartoutr, Houreakr, Khuaruatch, Hkuegourk, Nraagr, Draenraakr, Hosh-Pak, Tchuagruekh

Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species
Languages spoken

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