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Forest Orc

These orcs are adapted to forests of various kinds. They build their towns from the wood of their surroundings and continuously try to grow their nations larger by building more and more of their crude towns.   These used to be most common type of orc until their aggressive nature has made them a large target and they have been driven away from their original homes.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Khairtuech, Draas, Doughairk, Huaruekr, Gaek, Kruenr, Raekhuahk, Seagr, Tuah, Khuak

Masculine names

Hoshpak, Ogur, Oruk, Gouhoug, Hrueg, Khraetch, Khoud, Khaatraatr, Suarkaegh, Daekruanh, Gaakhainr

Unisex names

Tuakkeach, Ghaitchaach, Draisough, Oruk, Khrues, Treatch, Hreartoutr, Houreakr, Khuaruatch, Hkuegourk, Nraagr, Draenraakr, Hosh-Pak, Tchuagruekh

Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
Languages spoken

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