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Paladin order of Innos

The holy paladin order. Protecting those who can not protect themselves from the evils of this world. The word of Innos is law. Founded by the humans before written history and as such mainly serves the human kingdom of Ledos. The order also have their main seat of power in the capital of said kingdom. The human kingdom of Ledos very often uses Elite Paladins as its generals and commanders for its military.   They have been given the right to enact their laws in the kingdom of Ledos.

Public Agenda

To protect the good of the world and destroy evil wherever it may be found.

Preserving the good of this world with sword and shield.

Military, Knightly Order
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Fletcher Teuron
Parent Organization
Church of Innos
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles
Notable Members

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