Atomic Patriots

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In an alternate reality where nuclear magic shreds the atoms of the magicians who wield it, the USA and the USSR destroy their own citizens in a desperate attempt to enrich a magician who can withstand the radiation, and win a magical Cold War before the entire world is poisoned.


Welcome, Patriot!

You've got a mighty big decision to make, comrade! What decision is that, you ask? Why, you've got to decide which side you'll pledge your undying loyalty to!

the United States of America

the Soviet Union

Now, now, comrade, don't go trying to join up with one of them right away! Do some good research, learn about your future homeland, and then scroll down the page to make your choice!

Make Your Choice

Good to see you again, comrade! Are you ready to make your choice? Well golly, you've certainly got that look about you! Go ahead and make your choice. I'm sure you won't live to regret it!

Hey Comrade,
hold on there just one second.

You look a little unsure of which side to choose. Well, that's all right! It sure is! We've got the perfect place for you to rest your feet while you make that tough decision.

The back of a not-scary truck