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Crucible of Iron

The Crucible of Iron is a forge infused with divine and arcane magics for use in the creation of Iron Forged. Theses creatures are made when a willing creature sacrfifices itself to the Crucible to be reborn as an Iron Forged warriors. The Order of Saint Lyra runs the Crucible from within Blackstone Keep.   Attempts have been made to recreate the Crucible however its creation and/or discovery is a closely guarded secrt by the Order. Some believe it is a relic from a previous age, others that it came from beyond a rift, and others that magic and artifice created it.   Regardless, the Order welcome anyone to use the Crucible should they wish, regardless if they are affiliated with the Order. For example an Elderly Farmer may enter to be reborn to be fit and healthy to work in their farm once again. Most volunteers do come from within the Order itself however when they suffer injuries when fighting rift creatures that leave them unable to perform their duties any longer.
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