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Order of Saint Lyra

The Order of Saint Lyra was founded by Saint Lyra 84 years ago as a way to combat the increasing Rift Threats. Using advance magic and technology, the Order has formed a strong basis of following and spent the last decades advancing their technology to combat the rifts.   They are known to be somewhat extreme in their actions, even augmenting their body with magical technology to better face the threats of the rifts. Due to their extreme and somewhat contentious attitude, their numbers have waned in recent years and had stepped back to regroup their numbers.   In the last few years, armed with new technology the Order has been seen again combating Rift creatures across the land. Their new devices and magical abilities make them an efficient task force although their numbers are still small and don't have as wide a reach as the Rift Hunters.


The Order was founded by Saint Lyra who perished nearly 50 years ago. In her wake, the Order is lead by The Grand Cenobite, who maintains and directs the Order from a fortress. No one outside of the Order has met the Grand Cenobite.   Below the Grand Cenobite, are 3 Arbitors, each governing a different section of the Order.
  1. Arbitor Endorian Malron - Director of Technology and Advancement
  2. Arbitor Liera Verishar - Director of Transformation
  3. Arbitor Korn Vash - Director of War
Each Arbitor directs and maintains their own work although often work together or send their underlings in group efforts, such as Arbitor Enroian observing new technology in the field following Arbitor Korn's underlings.


The Order of Saint Lyra is a strict religious sect, following the firm beliefs of Saint Lyra, that the mortal form can be improved and adapted with purification and metallugry. Perfection is what they strive for in all moments of their lives.

A Metal Shield against the Darkness

Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Order
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