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Blackstone Keep

Blackstone Keep is the current headquaters of The Order of Saint Lyra, where they practise their religion and develop their further advances into technology. Being relatvily close to Athiril there is some concern over the almost cult like attitude of the religions followers, but they have given no reason for the Government of Velenshad to act against them.


Blackstone Keep was first contructed when the Sky City Athiris landed in what would become Velenshad as a line of defence against an invading force. Despite being close to the landed city, the Keep was the last holdout against the city's denezens which soon claimed rulership of the land nearby.   After years of fighting, eventually peace was struck by the former nobility marrying into the D'athil family line to maintain some control over their homes. Since then Blackstone Keep has expanded into more of a industrial town featuring the large keep as its housing for nobility.   The town eventually fell into disuse as the local region had more prosperous sources of work and with the capital of Athiris so close, many left the town. It was only with the coming of Saint Lyra that the town began to boom again, becoming a location focused on metalurgy. With Lyra's Passing it eventually became a relgious hot spot too where the Order soon formed.
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