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Purelladium is a white porcelean like metal created by the Order of Saint Lyra. Its metal is made from a platinum and silver blend that is cleansed of elemental properties, leaving just a "pure" metal remaining. Due to the difficulty in creating such a metal, only the higher ranking members of the Order are given this to wear.   The metal has unique properties when infused correctly with the blood of a humanoid using it. This forms a bond with a wielder or wearing, making the metal even stronger than normal and provides protection against elemental based attacks along with energies from other realms.


Material Characteristics

This metal is an almost smooth white colour with some hints of reds and blues hidden within the depths of the metal, only seen when viewed at specific angles. Despite being a metal however, the texture of finished items made of this metal has a smooth texture more akin to porcelain than a metal, but is as strong and firm as steel.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Purelladium as a metal alone has a similar strength to simple steel but is resistant to elemental based damage. Armour made of Purelladium grants a minor reduction to any elemntal damage while weapons made of this metal cut through elemental beasts smoother than most weapons.   The real power of Purelladium is when it is infused with haemomancy. Infused with the blood of its wearer, Purelladium armour makes its wearer even more resistant to not only elemental damage but any damage from creatures not from the material plane. Purelladium weapons infused this way become an extension of the wielder's own body, allowing them to strike harder, faster and more accuratly that with most weapons.

Origin & Source

Saint Lyra developed this metal blend during her life experimenting with metallurgy mixed with haemomancy. After several blands of silver and platinum with other materials, mixing these two with infusions of blood eventually created a metal able to resist the influence of the other realms.
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