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Galaxy of Astraesto (As-tray-sto)

This article refers to the location, see Astraesto for the world

All of us venture through it. It is in our blood now, from father to daughter, mother to son, all of us make our voyage through its cold unforgiving hands. And yet we all endure, for while it is harsh, we know in our hearts, that Astraesto is our home, and always will be...
  Astraesto is the given name to one of the largest known galaxies in The Universe, commonly referred to simply as 'The Galaxy'. It is home to the largest and possibly only collection of animals and plants in the entire Universe, including humans.   Astraesto is a normal spiral galaxy, the largest of its type. It is estimated to contain some 50 trillion stars (although other estimates nearly half that), twice that number of planets, and is hundreds of thousands of light-years long and wide. Astraesto has over two dozen satellite galaxies, the largest being Lord Fendol. It is also bordered by several other galaxies, including Andromeda and The Milky Way. The Galaxy of Astraesto is a part of the Virgo Supercluster, which is itself a part of the Laniakea Supercluster.   As with all known galaxies, at the centre of Astraesto lies a supermassive black hole, named Saffretius it is one of the largest on record. Despite several attempts, the inner core of the Galaxy is believed to be impenetrable to humanity, and with the galactic ban on endeavours concerning the area, it is likely to continue that way.
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The Galaxy
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Satellite Galaxies
  • Lord Fendol
  • Sanoliad

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