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Federation Navy Emergency Codes

The Federation Navy utilizes a large variety of Emergency Codes. Depending on the type of code, a ship, naval base, fleet, or even all the ships under the Federation Navy, are required to do whatever the code orders. Certain codes can only be enacted by certain personnel, whilst others are automated depending on the situation. In addition, Emergency Alert Levels are used to show the level of readiness ships should have in the area, going from the lowest at level 1, to the highest at level 10.   Although the Federation Army and the Federation Air Force have their own emergency codes, all are separate from one another with only a few exceptions.    

Emergency Alert Levels

  Level I   There are no requirements under level 1, the area is completely safe for all travel, civilian and military. Naval vessels are recommended to steer clear of these areas.   Level II   Low-risk areas, the potential for threats to arise is near non-existent.   Level III   Low-risk areas, the potential for serious threats is extremely low.   Level IV   Medium-risk areas, naval vessel crews must be prepared to immediately proceed to muster stations.   Level V   Medium-risk areas, there is a possibility of threats arising suddenly and without prior warning, low-level of shields on all vessels.   Level VI   Medium-risk areas, civilian transport is slightly restricted.   Level VII   High-risk areas, civilian transport is heavily restricted, enforced by planetary police units, medium-level shielding on all naval vessels.   Level VIII   High-risk areas, no civilian transport allowed, enforced by naval military forces, high-level shields, high readiness levels at all times. Hostile action may be received by lethal fire.   Level IX   Maximum-risk areas, armed conflict may arise at any moment, all vessels must be prepared for combat at all times, The Marine Corp can be fully armed on all vessels.   Level X   Current combat is underway, all ships are required to be at full shields, and maximum readiness. All non-Federation naval vessels are considered hostile unless confirmed otherwise.    

Emergency Codes

Code Red - Automated, can be instated by a Captain and above   Upon hostile action or intent, a naval vessel moves to code red, all shields are raised to full, and all batteries are free to open fire at will. If a captain believes a battle is soon to occur, they can also order a Code Red. Fleetwide Code Reds can be authorised by Admirals, but are also automated when a fleet falls under attack.    Code Blue - ___   A naval vessel has taken severe or critical damage, and requires ergent assistance.   Code Bravo Epsilon - Captain and above   Civilian vessels in the area are under direct threat from hostile forces, Federation Naval Vessels must assist unless otherwise preoccupied.   Code Bravo Proditor - Captain and above, Naval Intelligence Officers   Civilian vessels in the area are believed to be hostile and should be treated with extreme caution.    Code Bravo Lupus - Captain and above   Civilian vessels in the area are being directly targeted by hostile forces, Federation Naval Vessels must assist unless otherwise preoccupied.

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