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Raw Magic

Here, the grass is purple, and so is the dirt, the water, the people. All that remains untouched is the sky, and sometimes it rains and you wonder if that is still true anymore.
— Stolisian citizen
Raw magic is a gel-like material that is a by-product of high magic usage, and is as such only really generated by the gods themselves. It is a self-replicating material as well, continually expanding unless prevented or removed.


Material Characteristics

Raw magic is a deep purple gel, semi-transparent and glowing in direct light. It is typically speckled with small darker and lighter spots.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It's a semi-solid liquid gel, which coats many things it comes into contact with and takes on similar physical properties to it. To demigods, it is warm to the touch with the slightest tingle, while to humans, it is warm and corrosive, biting into flesh and bone alike.

History & Usage


Raw magic is not believed to have existed until just prior to the introduction of demigods, as a by-product of the magic used to create them. At this time it was generally only found within people in the form of Death's Dawn, a bloodborne disease where raw magic entered the bloodstream and wreaked havoc on the human body. It can be found in small quantities in demigod blood, thus speculated to be why they are immune to many of its effects.

The notion that it was unique to the gods was disproven when, in 1256, the Bombing Of Kysra unleashed a substantial amount of it on the world. It would be many years before Stolisia realised the threat it posed and moved to corral it, but it was too late - raw magic now taints much of eastern Stolisia and also south eastern Divinice.


There is speculation that raw magic can be refined into a form of actual magic that could be used by humans, and it is the subject of fierce investigation around the world.


Due to its corrosive effects on humans, it is regularly only handled by demigods, which causes many issues of logistics. Mishandling of any kind can cause it to grow expontentially, and numerous small scale outbreaks have occurred.
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