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Arcane Brothel

A History of Youthful Exhuberance

  The University of the Arcane was a residential college. Most of the undergraduates who attended were experiencing their first freedom from daily parental oversight and rules in a co-educational environment. This led naturally to an culture of free sex, experimentation with intoxicants, and wild behavior. Since the University attracted students and professors from sentient races across Arrhynsia, some human families saw sending their daughters to the university as an opportunity to introduce inherent magic working capabilities - a recessive genetic characteristic - into their family bloodlines. It became common for human females to return from a semester at the University pregnant.  

To Legal Entanglements

  While the University at first was not directly involved in these practices, eventually, they began to lose money when angry (or clever) University student parents demanded that the expenses of their new infant family members be paid for by the University. Two key lawsuits were brought, Rigagali vs. Olamaris and Canton vs. University of the Arcane. In the rulings on these cases, the courts found the University financially liable for the upkeep of human female progeny due to
  1. negligence of the Univeristy in exercising oversight of their student and instructor population and establishing proper boundaries for behavior, and conversely
  2. failing to disclose the predominant environment of sexual promiscuity at the University to students and their parents.
After these rulings, the University instituted an absolute policy that all female students and their parents must sign a raft of legal documents including an acknowledgement of environment disclosure, acknowledgement of volentary participation in sex, a waiver of liabiity absolving the University and any and all staff members of responsibility for sexual contact and a waiver of liability for providing for any offspring should the female get pregnant during her time at the University.

To Major Profit Center

  Once this policy was in place and these waivers were upheld in the courts, University officials doubled down on the economic opportunity provided by families wanting magic in their bloodlines and under Unversity auspices opened the Arcane Brothel. Many female students attended University and frequented the brothel during their first year for the express purpose of getting pregnant.   The Arcane Brothel was an upscale, clean business. Female cllients were pre-screened and treated to ensure that they did not carry STDs and were required to have current waivers signed prior to being served. Those who were employed at the brothel were attractive individuals, classed as visiting professors, and were typically elven bards, but could be males of any native magic using species. Some of these were considered quite exotic and were in high demand. "Professors" were monitored for STDs, and selected to offer intelligence as well as magic working capability to their clients. Courteous treatment of the female clients was a high priority. Professors at the brothel spent five to ten years in their positions, and taught no classes outside the brothel. In the heyday of the University, right before the Cataclysm, twenty eight visiting professors were fully employed at the Arcane Brothel.  

Financial Arrangements

  The Arcane Brothel rapidly became a major revenue generating business for the University and funded many of the University's scholarship programs. The non-refundable fees to "study" with a visiting professor at the Arcane Brothel were sold on a renewable subscription basis, and a professor was exclusively dedicated to a single client for an entire evening. As such, the fees were not cheap, but a money back guarentee was offered in which fifty percent of the fees were returned if, after a three month long once weekly subscription, the client was not pregnant.  

Long Term Ramifications

The thinking behind the Arcane Brothel was fairly sound, introducing the recessive genetic material for magic working into the human bloodline. Unfortunately for humans, the vast majority of the human famililies who made this investment were killed during the Cataclysm. To this day, humans tend to be an insular breed, rarely showing an appetite to accept their cross breeds with other Arrhynsian sentients into their communities. The recent marriage of Valekryn, Earl of Flintshire, an Erengyrian elf, to her royal highness Elisabeth Derringer and the birth of their daughter Kayln has perhaps signalled a thawing of this long held prejudice.

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