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Written by Jdebro

"When I asked an Zetham elder about why so many people are bathing in the river, he informed me that these waters in the river are the Marpe Waters. Waters of Healing. That these waters are blessed with the power to heal from the Wellspring Of Yavah. At first, I was quite skeptical about it until I saw a man with a grave disfigurement submerged himself in the water. He reemerged completely healed! I was so stunned that I stared at the man to make sure I wasn't seeing an illusion. Once I saw that he was truly healed, I had to visit these "marpe" waters. Needless to say, I believe that I shall have to rearrange my schedule."
Hardous, scholar & ambassador from the nation of Sardenia upon witnessing the power of the Marpe Waters

The Marpe Waters (or Waters of Healing) are three rivers that flows directly from the Wellspring Temple within Arkida the lands of the Tribes of Jorai, reaching down to the coasts near the Freshwater Seas. The Marpe Waters are renowned for their healing properties, which came about due to the formation of the very first Wellspring of Yavah.


The Marpe Waters are located in the lands controlled by the Zetham Tribe their land that lies within the lands of the Gurgon Tribes. The Marpe Waters’ origin point being Kahothie City, a Zethamite city that houses the Wellspring Temple. The Marpe Waters flow directly from the Wellspring Temple into three large rivers, which reach into the borders of two lands of the Jorai Tribes.
The first river flows down into the hills & valleys of the Kharaz lands, forming the southwest border of those lands. The second river flows straight down the middle lush plains of the lands of the Gurgon, reaching into the border of the Freshwater Seas. The third river flows southeast into the tropical coasts of the lands of Shiran, forming their borders.


The Marpe Waters are warm during the Warm seasons, and cool during the Cold seasons of each year. Unlike normal waters, the Marpe waters never becomes freezing cold at all in the Cold seasons. They also never freeze into ice, maintaining their temperature despite the freezing conditions of the Cold seasons.

Localized Phenomena

The Marpe Waters were formed when the Hand of Yavah molded the very first Wellspring, as the waters were touched by the energies of the Well. This imbued the waters with healing capacity, understood to be the Grace Of Yavah to the people.
These waters are able to heal people of all diseases, abnormalities, disfigurements, viruses, magically-based aliments, disorders, life-altering injuries, etc. The afflicted person(s) simply needs to enter into the Marpe Waters at one of the three rivers. They have to be fully submerged in order for the healing power to activate. However, they will be able to breathe normally as if they were above water. This is due to the unique properties of the Marpe Waters creating surface-like breathing within them.
The Marpe Waters release their healing powers whenever the Wellspring shines intensely, which occurs about seven times each season. Each healing release lasts about one week per month. Outside of these special times, the Marpe Waters function mostly like normal waters with a few constant passive effects. These effects including removal of any blights inflicted on the land by any form of magic, adding spiritual purities into the land (making all flora more lush & productive), which in turn helps give an overabundant harvest for farmers each cycle year.
One notable quirk to the Marpe Waters is that the healing powers within them do not flow into the Freshwater Seas, despite the waters connecting with them. This is theorized to be a safety measure placed to ensure that mages from the other lands do not gain access to the Marpe Waters' unique powers.

Fauna & Flora

The flora near the Marpe waters receive some benefits from receiving their nourishment from these waters. They remain healthy year-round, never withering away unlike other trees outside of the Marpe rivers. The trees grow to great heights up to 250 cubits. The fruit & leaves of these trees inherit the healing power within the Marpe Waters, which has led them to be named the “Trees of Yavah.” These fruit are highly prized by the residents of the Jorai lands, and are harvested with great care each season.
The animals also benefit from the Marpe Waters as they are much healthier than other animals, and have much more energy to move around. Rison, a type of large horned cloven beast, are fairly common around the Marpe Rivers. Another cloven beast are known as Longhorns, who are found in herds throughout Arkida. They are referred to by Arkidians as "longhorns" due to their curved long horns typically found in males, with females having half the length.
Other fauna that are known to travel to the Marpe Waters are Saberroths, a kind of cat that is known to have two elongated fangs that are somewhat retractable. While they are normal carnivorous in their habitant, they are also notably non-predatory around the Marpe Waters to their common food. This is seen by members of the Zetham Tribe as a sign of the blessing from the Wellspring-blessed waters. Another cat kind is the Lryehs, who are white-furred large cats who travel in packs. They also at times visit the Marpe Waters. The only known bird in Arkida that visits the Marpe Waters currently are the Sharpbeaks, aptly named due to their curved beaks been quite sharp when needed.
Alternative Name(s)
Waters of Healing
The River Cities
The River Cities are border cities that run along the Marpe Rivers, which are occupied by the Zetham tribe. These cities also act are massive fort cities that serve to guard the Marpe Waters from any misuse, especially from mages. All mages are banned from accessing the Marpe Waters in the lands of Jorai, with the penalty of death to those who try.
The villages within the River cities provide the food that feed them. Small ships that travel along the Marpe Rivers are protected by the Zethamites, who also act as the military force of the River Cities. They do allow people to drink from the Marpe Waters, but only while in the River City. They do not charge all visitors anything for access to the Marpe Waters, deeming such an act as both unethical and a form of wickedness.


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May 12, 2022 07:16

Interesting premise, I like the healing waters. Could use some of those myself lol. You have me wondering though, what are the passive effects?

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May 14, 2022 23:46 by James Debro

The passive effects would be healthier grass, keep the land clear of corruption (including magic-based corruption). I'll add these in later on

May 16, 2022 03:24 by RandoScorpio

So neat. I like that the healing effect is so specific and resistant to being used as a commodity to be bottled and sold.   Is there usually a pilgrimage by those who are sick or require healing? Do the River Cities charge people to enter the waters or are all welcome to use them?   I know I'd walk for ages and drag myself there if it meant a quick dip could cure all my ills.

May 16, 2022 21:45 by James Debro

There is a pilgrimage of sorts for those who need healing, but they are usually short trips due to the one of the three rivers being in a much more accessible travel distance. The River Cities never charge the people anything to access the Marpe Waters, so all have free access to them whenever needed.

May 27, 2022 12:05

A pretty cool concept to have the healing powers be that powerful. It is also pretty interesting how they even have an affect on the flora next to it making it more lush than normal.

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Jun 1, 2022 21:49 by Michael Chandra

A good thing they allow access, otherwise I'd imagine a war being waged over access.

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Aug 13, 2022 17:54 by Eliora Yona

A great article that shows just how connected everything is through the Marpe Waters. Thanks for sharing such inspiration <3

Aug 30, 2022 14:50 by James Debro

Glad you enjoyed the lore of these waters.