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The realms of Arktoria are filled with many wonders that have influenced the shape of many legends. Valiant heroes engaged in battle among demigods, at times as allies & other times as fearsome foes. The fabric of Creation faces great quaking as a war of gods wages in the realms, with chosen champions fighting alongside them.
Two powerful tribes have influenced the various civilizations in the world, their conflicts joining the hallmarks of history. The Tribes Of Jorai, descended from a single tribe led by a mighty Highfather, hold dominance on the continent of Aden. The Jorai are seen by many as a peculiar people, notable for rejecting the ways of magic yet possessing great spiritual powers.
The Tribes of Astoria, descendants of a people once ruled by a mighty High King, hold sway over the continent of Solus. The Astorians are often said to be the living descendants of a sect of gods, and are seen as masters of powerful magic.
These two powerful tribes stand opposed to one another, engaged in battle for their goals and for their heavenly patrons. Yet they have enemies of their own, haling from different origins within Arktoria. The opposition from other enemies forces the opposing tribes to face conflict on multiple fronts.
The fate of the realms of Arktoria will be decided by these conflicts, and those who are connected to them as well. Such is the current destiny of the all the realms of Arktoria.