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Some believe it is the final resting place of U the Chaotic. What we know for sure is that both the air and water are toxic, and corrode the skin and lungs of any who dare too near for too long.
— Shiv Moonsong

The Caldera is a volcanic island, continuously expelling toxic smoke, ash, and gasses into the air and water around the island making it impossible for life to thrive in the area. Even Lumikelp won't grow. This perpetual state of release was spawned when an object, presumably the atmospheric-slagged remains of a space rock, swept down and landed in the volcano's ancient, sleeping cauldron.


Located in the southwest most portion of Argentii, the Caldera is a single volcanic cone rising up out of shallow waters infested with the skeletal fingers of dead coral and enormous, shattered shards of obsidian. These hazards made approaching the island difficult. Not that there is anything welcoming to embrace those who dare to venture close. Bubbling jets of noxious gasses rise up from the water without warning, and the run-off from the island itself has left the sea water surrounding the island a toxic mess devoid of all life, down to the bacterial level.

The shore itself is a death trap. Shimmering, black sand beaches stretch for miles, intermixed with the paper-thin scabs of bubbling lava pools. These are impossible to distinguish until they pop, or until a hapless traveler falls into one and is instantly consumed by the hellfire soup of lava beneath.

On top of all of this, the entire island is surrounded with a reeking miasma of toxic fumes. Sulfur, carbon monoxide, and vaporized heavy metals are just a quick top to a long, long list of toxic inhalants. Even the birds know not to fly too close to the Caldera.


The persistent cloud of gasses, vapors, and ash that permeate the air around the island trap the sunlight and make an already tropical climate almost unbearable. In the summer, midday temperatures can exceed 150F. Even in the coldest depths of winter, in the dark of night, the temperature rarely drops below 90F.

Those "cooler" winters are characterized by monsoons of acidic rainfall that can sweep north and east with devistating effect to nearby islands.

Natural Resources

Despite the dangers, occasionally sailors will attempt the passage with some new sort of Technomancy or Technomaniacal Contraptions. They hope to survive long enough to harvest any amount of the obsidian, gold, sulfur, diamonds, or other rare and valuable resources that are known to be found near volcanos. These are rumored to be strewn across the island's shore, waiting to be claimed, having been ejected from the angry volcano over the millenia since the starfall.

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U's Boiling Tomb
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