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Sethas Reiva

Located in the far northwest of the Gray Wastes, Sethas Reiva is the largest of the Reivan settlements with an open trade zone. Prior to the Imperial annexation of the neighboring region and the subsequent onset of the Vudon-Reivan War, Sethas Reiva was the Reivan Clans' primary trade hub for the western borderlands.   The reiva was the first to fall to Imperial occupation during the war. When the Reivan Expeditionary Army passed through in pursuit of the retreating Imperial forces in the wake of the Battle of Rannock Reivasa, Krestov Akitara vas Rannock was charged with investigating the citizens in search of Imperial collaborators. The investigation cast a wide net, and the reiva was massively depopulated in the ensuing purge.
Large town
  • Current: 250, Pre-War: 2000
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    The runic symbol of Sethas Reiva